Sunday, February 13, 2011

Corinna Hoffman Family Photo Shoot

Here's Alexsa's OFFICIAL Chair Picture for her first birthday:

We had a great time getting our pictures taken last week and Cori was great enough to have them ready for today, Alexsa's first birthday party!  Check out the rest of the sweet pictures here:

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2011-02-09 Pic of the Day!/ ALEXSA IS ONE!

What a strange feeling it is when your only child turns one. Joy and sadness at the same time?  I’m so excited to go through the next stage in her life, but why must it go by so fast? I had to pick her up an extra time last night before I put her down for one last hug as my little Baby Girl. When I see her again she’ll be ONE.  Now we can measure her age by YEARs.  This is why parents still say “My child is 13 months” or “26 months” or whatever.  It’s to hold on to that last glimpse of babyhood that we enjoy so much.

Some of her accomplishments now that she’s one:
·         She can sign “milk”, “bath”, “all-done”, “more”, “change”, and “shoes”.  Change and Bath are her favorites.  We’ve now had to start saying B-A-T-H when we mention it because she’ll start signing away and say “Uh?” like “Can I have one now?”
·         She is SUCH a walker.  She barely will crawl at all anymore, except when she’s playing.
·         She no longer eats baby food.   She started spitting it out and squishing it through her pursed lips.  At first we thought it was a taste thing, but I think she just  likes the way it feels through her lips.
·         She can take off her shirt over her head if I get her arms free.
·         She can get off the couch without tumbling off. She knows HOW to climb up, but isn’t quite big enough.
·         She still only has 2 teeth!
·         She gives the best hugs.
·         She can blow you kisses.
·         She plays “How big is Alexsa?” SOO BIG!
·         If you sing Minnie Ripperton’s Lovin’ You at the “La la la la la… lalalalala… Do do do do do do do” part, she’ll finish with the high-pitched  “AAAHHHHHH!!” at the end. Its adorable and makes us laugh every time.

Happy 1st Birthday, Alexsa Jade. 
How old is Alexsa? "One!"

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

2011-02-08 Pic of the Day!

Her feet are my favorite part of this picture. :)

PS I can't believe she's going to be ONE tomorrow!!!!

2011-02-04 Pic of the Day!

Look what I have!