Friday, September 28, 2007


The food was great! The people were great! Barry called it just like WoHop (which is the Chinese restaurant in NYC that his family would go to all the time). I didn't enjoy it as much as i did Hing Loung - but i didn't have the same dishes. We'll be going back again this weekend for DIM SUM! the only place in Jax that has it! YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hong Kong Bistro

Being with Barry has some great benefits. (And that part's great too!) What I mean is, he has taught me how to appreciate good food. One of the first places he took me for a food lesson was a place called Hing Loung. It was a chinese restaurant that got it's stuff shipped from New York, so it had REAL Chinese. They actually had 2 menus: The menu they gave the american folk and the, they had the "Blue Menu". (You had to ask for the Blue Menu.) I'm talkin' braised scallops in black pepper sauce and Beef with Chow Fun noodles. It was SOOO GOOD!! I never wanted Wok n' Roll again. For years we would eat there. The owner knew us by name. And then, on a horrible Tuesday, we found out they were closing. Gas prices were too high and it was driving costs up. I was so sad! Where was I going to eat chinese? I suddenly felt a void in my life of eating. Going to China and NY this year were so great! The girls at work call me a Chinese Food Snob because i never order the from the Takee Outee Place when they get delivery. Ew.

Well, my life may now be complete again. I saw a new place go up on the way home from work called Hong Kong Bistro. I finally stopped on monday and picked up a menu. The first good sign was when i walked in, everyone in there were chinese. When she handed me the menu something made me ask "Do you happen to have Chow Fun Noodle?" She smiled and said, "OH, you want the REAL menu." (2nd sign: They have 2 menus!!) When i got home i looked it over and WOW i saw stuff on there that we had IN Hong Kong! YESS!!!! SOOO, since they were closed yesterday, we're going up there tonight. 3rd Sign: I just read a forum on Chinese food in jax and read some GREAT things about it. And it's only been open a MONTH! I'll let you know how it goes! WOOHOO!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

So, I found this website...

A new favorite when i'm bored, or at least when i don't feel like working. It's . . random pictures of random wrongness. Here's some examples:

So check out the site! :) There's way more, but i don't feel like uploading all those pictures. :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Naked Antics

After the whole hostage situation at my parents, my sister decides to let the boys play in the bath for a little bit. Jason (bro-in-law), Barry, and I are in the computer room when Naked Braydon runs into the room laughing and screaming, his diaper in hand. Not 30 seconds go by when Naked Ashton (4 yrs old) runs right behind him, with his Superman undies outstretched in his hand, laughing and running around. Braydon runs his naked butt up to me and hands me his diaper. I'm like 'aw, shucks, thanks' until i realize that it's full! I walk out of the room to see Denise laughing her ass off and between breaths saying "I told him to give it to you!!"I'm glad she thought it was so funny.

...Oh the joys of being a mother... I can't wait. :)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Braydon, Oui Oui!

Ya'll. My nephew is the most rediculously cute little thing EVER. He's 2, but his verbal skills are really behind and he's a bit smaller than the average 2 year old. This makes his facial expresions, gestures and grunts all the cuter. When he does speak he sounds like a little French boy: "Dah-DEE!= Daddy". Last night we were at my parents house for dinner (once a week we all go over and have a family dinner.)
After we were all finished eating, Braydon proclaims: "Mom-EE! Bath!" Denise (sis) says, 'ok Honey, we'll see.' A few seconds later he is busy playing with the sliding glass door (open, close, open close, open...) when my dad wants to walk through. In all his 3 ft splendor, he slams the door shut, stands in front of it with arms outstretched and says "PAPA! BATH!" in the most serious tone. Like, "You are now my hostage until SOMEONE gives me a bath!!" Needless to say, 10 minutes later there's a naked 2 year old running around the house. But that's another blog. :)

Monday, September 17, 2007


I am in the middle of this BORING confrence call... We're rolling out a new product at the bank, and i've been selected (ooooo...) to be the rep from our office. the woman who is selling us this product has the most BORING voice! :( I'm blogging just to stay awake!

Rain Rain...

I would say "Go Away" but I really don't want it to. It has been raining ALL Day today and it doesn't look like it's going to let up any time soon. The sound of the cars swishing through the puddles outside the office window is pretty hypnotizing and all i want to do is put my head down and take a nap on these loan documents i'm working on. I wish i were at home laying in bed with Barry!

Our Weekend - WWE Style!

So, Barry and I did so well loosing some weight before the wedding, but since then (5 months ago) we've both re-gained everything and then some. SO we're going trying and be more active. Barry has gotten back into Tennis, playing with his Dad, Aunt and Uncle in the mornings. Then on Saturday, he took me out and started to give me lessons. I sweat my katookas off, but had a good time and am developing a deep appreciation for McEnroe and Agassi. After that we went to my church, where they're redoing the hall we had our reception in. Barry and I took a heavy duty vaccuum cleaner to all the air vents and intakes. I don't know why i take more pride in making sure my church is clean and nice than i do my own home. Anyway, Barry didn't complain at all (even though he thought he was suckered into it) and we had a good time. Then we came home, showered (finally!) and had dinner with Jenn and Dave. Jenn made vegitarian lasagna and we played Dirty Minds. The lasagna was YUMMY!

On Sunday we were too lazy to get up to play tennis. Barry ended up having to work on some appraisal stuff so i stayed in bed and watched The Fugative on TBS or something. By the time it was over, Barry was done with his work and we ended up watching (of course) UFC on Spike TV. This reminds Barry that he wants to wrestle with me. So we end up full-blown wrestling. We pushed our couches to make more room, he puts us into position and he says "Ok, take the pass." (DURPH?!?) I'm giggling to whole time making crude remarks when we get into certain provacative positions but I'm actually holding my own. At one point Barry ends up slamming me to the carpet so my neck crinkles like an accordion. Needless to say i tapped out. He's ready to make this a regular thing. I can just imagine what our downstairs neighbors are thinking! I would love to video tape it because i know we look pretty funny! Probably something like this:
We'll see what happens tonight!

Monday, September 10, 2007


Phew. Ok, don't get me wrong, i really enjoy this blogging thing. But why did it take me 10 minutes to figure out how to change my picture? There seems to be some updates that i would like to see to make my blogging experience more enjoyable. Anyway, for whatever reason my other pic didn't work anymore, so i decided to put this one up, which i really like. It's one of the few i have where Barry is smiling. Enjoy :)

Sunday, September 9, 2007

It Was Calling My Name

You know i had to do this one!

Your Boobies' Names Are...

The Bamboozas

Saturday, September 8, 2007


Sooo, it's 3:23 (don't believe what the time stamp tells you) on saturday afternoon and i'm watching the US Open with Barry and messing with the computer. I look around and know that my house is a shit pot mess, the dishwasher needs to be emptied and then refilled, the laundry basket is full, the front door is still not reported to insurance, and i can think if at least 2 OTHER house projects i could be doing... yet it feels so good to just sit on my fat ass and DO nothing. Hmmmm.... Oh look! Salt & Vinegar chips within my reach - sweet!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Feeling the Pressure

DANG. So i guess i'm supposed to post more. Angelle yelled at me for not having anything up in the last few days. OK OK OK... I'm new to the blogging thing, gimme a break! :) I'll try and post more often. Just remember that I don't have cute kids that run around and say witting things like "Check out the Gun Game!" (Which is by far one of my favorites, Laurie). Maybe i'll start posting some of the smart ass things Barry says to me, like when i say I'm hungry, he says "Well I got somthin' you can eat. Heh, Heh, Heh." ...OK, I'll have to work on some better ones.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Scary Moment...

So, after Barry and I came back home from dinner last night I noticed that our front door was open - again. I said "Barry! You left the door unlocked again!" So he went and locked it. As I was going to bed i checked it one more time and noticed it was only 1/2 turned, so i went to click it all the way. It wouldn't budge. This is strange because it's a brand new house and it always clicked right into place so easily. So i opened the door to see what was wrong. Our entire door jamb was kicked in! Between 3:00 on Friday and last night, some one tried to break in to the house! We didn't notice it earlier because we never use that front door. So, at 11:00 last night, i'm calling the police to file a report. It took him an hour to get there, but when he came he gave us the police report said there's not much he can do. He called it Criminal Mischief. I'm half wondering if my neighbor's friends were drunk off their asses and fell into the door, because there aren't any foot prints on the door itself. I'll post pics after i take them for the insurance people tonight. I'm soo grateful that the dead bolt did what it was supposed to do. We had Barry's laptop just sitting out on the coffee table. Luckily the boys (my kitties) were at our friend's house over the weekend. We are definitely going to start settng the alarm from now on. we've been idiots not doing it so far.

The Big Apple

Barry and I had a great Labor Day weekend. We went up to NYC to visit with Barry's brother Willie and enjoy the sights of the city. It was a whirlwind of walking, eating, eating and walking, and a bit more eating and walking. We got a great deal on a hotel so we stayed right in the Financial District of Manhattan - walking distance from Ground Zero. I guess everything in NYC is walking distance, since that is ALL we did! Well, we ate too :). First thing Saturday we went on a Helicoptor tour of Manhattan. It was freakin' sweet flying around the Statue of Liberty. Also, I saw where Chandler Bing worked (heheh). We went to the Museum of Natural History and Hayden Planetarium and the MET. As we walked around the city it was like every other place we looked was something out of a movie or TV show. We ate Cheesecake at Juniors, which is where Bobby Flay lost his Cheesecake Throwdown. We passed by Pommes Frites, which i saw on a Food Network special. We saw where Grace's interior design office was and countless other famous landmarks. :) We also saw Avenue Q on Broadway. It's a musical that combines Sesame Street (puppetry) with the adult humor of South Park. It was SOOOO Funny!!

We also went and saw where Barry grew up in Flushing, Queens. We walked around Flushing Meadow Park, the park that he played in as a kid. Click here to learn about this famous place and all the cool stuff that goes on there. :)

As i mentioned earlier, we had a bit to eat. The whole weekend revolved around where our next meal was going to be and making sure we walked enough between meals to work up an appetite! Here's a list of all the yummy stuff we had:

Yakatori (Japanese meat and veggies on sticks)
Dim Sum in Chinatown (i don't know the name of it)
Malaysian (i'm not sure if this is the same resaurant, but it looked pretty much like this)
Lox & Bagels (THE BEST Lox i have ever had. We were gonna have some shipped, but it's $30/pound and then another $30 to ship to FL... ouch.)
Guss's Pickles
Katz's Deli FAMOUS pastrami sandwich
El Faro's Spanish cuisine
REAL NY Pizza in Flushing (can't find a website)
Korean @ KumGangSang
& Taiwanese...

phew. i'm full just writing all that...

Ok, well, alot more stuff happened, but this is turning out to be long enough. I don't have any pictures on this computer to show, but go to my myspace page and you can see a few shots.

(I guess i went crazy with that hyperlink feature! Me likes.)