Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Hong Kong Bistro

Being with Barry has some great benefits. (And that part's great too!) What I mean is, he has taught me how to appreciate good food. One of the first places he took me for a food lesson was a place called Hing Loung. It was a chinese restaurant that got it's stuff shipped from New York, so it had REAL Chinese. They actually had 2 menus: The menu they gave the american folk and the, they had the "Blue Menu". (You had to ask for the Blue Menu.) I'm talkin' braised scallops in black pepper sauce and Beef with Chow Fun noodles. It was SOOO GOOD!! I never wanted Wok n' Roll again. For years we would eat there. The owner knew us by name. And then, on a horrible Tuesday, we found out they were closing. Gas prices were too high and it was driving costs up. I was so sad! Where was I going to eat chinese? I suddenly felt a void in my life of eating. Going to China and NY this year were so great! The girls at work call me a Chinese Food Snob because i never order the from the Takee Outee Place when they get delivery. Ew.

Well, my life may now be complete again. I saw a new place go up on the way home from work called Hong Kong Bistro. I finally stopped on monday and picked up a menu. The first good sign was when i walked in, everyone in there were chinese. When she handed me the menu something made me ask "Do you happen to have Chow Fun Noodle?" She smiled and said, "OH, you want the REAL menu." (2nd sign: They have 2 menus!!) When i got home i looked it over and WOW i saw stuff on there that we had IN Hong Kong! YESS!!!! SOOO, since they were closed yesterday, we're going up there tonight. 3rd Sign: I just read a forum on Chinese food in jax and read some GREAT things about it. And it's only been open a MONTH! I'll let you know how it goes! WOOHOO!!

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