Thursday, September 20, 2007

Naked Antics

After the whole hostage situation at my parents, my sister decides to let the boys play in the bath for a little bit. Jason (bro-in-law), Barry, and I are in the computer room when Naked Braydon runs into the room laughing and screaming, his diaper in hand. Not 30 seconds go by when Naked Ashton (4 yrs old) runs right behind him, with his Superman undies outstretched in his hand, laughing and running around. Braydon runs his naked butt up to me and hands me his diaper. I'm like 'aw, shucks, thanks' until i realize that it's full! I walk out of the room to see Denise laughing her ass off and between breaths saying "I told him to give it to you!!"I'm glad she thought it was so funny.

...Oh the joys of being a mother... I can't wait. :)

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