Monday, November 29, 2010

2010-11-29 Pic of the Day!

I'm packing my bag for up north. (My Grandpa is in his last days). I had to start with the most important thing! Alexsa!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

2010-11-28 Pic of the Day!

Alexsa scuplted a swan from her chewed puff bits. it landed on her nose. :)

Aubrey and Alexsa!

2010-11-27 Pics of the Day!

Saturday we went to MOSI for a few hours.  They're showing Harry Potter on their IMAX so they've got some HP stuff around.  Here is Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall. :)
 Afterwards, we went back to Rachel's and relaxed...
That tongue!

2010-11-26 Pics of the Day!

On Friday we travelled to Sarasota to visit with some cousins that were in town (Valerie, Aaron, Lyra Gabe, and Noni!)  We met at the Ringing Circus Museum where Noni volunteers and spend a few hours walking around and talking before all but Noni had to catch a flight back home.  I wish I had gotten some pictures of them and us together, but unfortunately it slipped my mind.
One of my new favs... On the way down there :)

Take the time to stop and lick the roses.

My attempt at a christmas picture for the Christmas Card... 

2010-11-25 Pics of the Day/Happy Thanksgiving!

The Swedlow family drove down to Tampa for a long Thanksgiving weekend.  As per usual, we stayed at Rachel's, but for the actual day Rachel went to Sarasota to visit with some cousins, and we went to Safety Harbor and had a DELICIOUS Thanksgiving feast with the Gallers.  Angelle did a fantastic job and even gave us some leftovers - YUM!  Thanks Angelle, for a great day!  Here's the day in pictures:
Spending some time w/ Aunt Rachel before we split for the day.

Adam and Alexsa playing together!

Adam loves his mommy's cooking!

And so did Alexsa!

Barry enjoyed it too... this was after round 1.  Yes, he's sleeping w/ his eyes open. ACK!

This is my favorite picture of the day! SO cute! Mike and Addie ready for a Cowboys WIN!

On the way to the park!
Starting her young!

I can't believe i didn't get any pictures of the Galler Girls!  :(  They were there too....

Thanks again, Angelle for a great day!

2010-11-24 Pic of the Day!

Sporting another pair of adorable leg warmers :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

2010-11-23 Pic of the Day!

I was blowdrying my hair this morning when I looked down to see this!  Here she's clapping at herself - she was so proud!
I had other pictures, but for some reason they won't upload...

Monday, November 22, 2010

2010-11-22 Pic of the Day!

I tried to give her green beans tonight. the real ones, not pureed... She was making the funniest faces - I don't think she's quite ready for them, but it made for a cute picture. :)

2010-11-21 Pics of the Day!

We have these chairs on their sides all around the house to create a 'safe zone' for Alexsa.  After months of this chair being here, she somehow figured out how to get on the other side of it...

 Look at my big girl feeding herself! (This lasted about 2  minutes before i glanced back at her to see her dumping the formula all over the carpet while trying to soothe her gums with the bottom of the glass bottle.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

2010-11-20 Pics of the Day!

Today was a fun-filled day!  After Alexsa's morning nap, we headed to the zoo for her first trip (and to use our GROUPON!) with my sister Christy and BIL Keith.  Christy took most of the pictures, so i'll post some more when she puts them on FB... We saw all sorts of animals and even went to the petting zoo and pet the goats.  Of all that, her favorite part was washing her hands after hanging out w/ the goats! We went into the Discovery Center so she could crawl a bit and I dressed her up like a Giraffe:
Alexsa actually fell asleep in her stroller! I couldn't believe it.  She was so tired.  So we left the zoo and drove to Orange Park so barry could climb a bit.  While Barry climbed, we played with Evan's toys and went on her first Radio Flyer ride!  She absolutely LOVED it.  Hopefully Mima and Papa will get her one for her birthday :)

Lost in conversation

She looks frightened, but she was screaming with excitement!
After the wagon ride she got pushed around in this car - could be another bday gift idea! she really had fun with it.
This thing is sweet, but not as sweet as my Mustang...

Checking her mirrors...
After playing with Evan's car at Dave and Jen's we headed to St. Augustine for their lighting of the Nights of Lights.  We didn't get there to watch the actual lighting, but at least we got to walk around and enjoy the people watching and music and of course the lights. Alexsa was so good up to the very end. We're so lucky to have such a laid back little girl.

I love this picture of Barry, Jen and Penny in the background laughing :)
My Cutie in her hoodie. :)

2010-11-19 2nd Pic of the Day!

Friday, November 19, 2010

2010-11-19 1st Pic of the Day

I was at work then a work function yesterday ALL day, so in the very short time I saw her yesterday morning, there wasn't time for a picture.  I'll try and do 2 today, since she was up at 5:15...

She's even cute at 5:30 in the morning. :) Silly face!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2010-11-16 Pic of the Day!

Waiting for the Doctor!
We went to Alexsa's 9 month wellness check today.  Here are her stats:
Weight: 17lb 7 oz (25%)
Height: 28 1/2 in (75%)
Head Cir: 44cm (50%)

The doctor said she's doing great!  We gave her a DTAP vaccine, even though she seemed to have a little cold.  Other than that it was a normal check up w/ nothing interesting to report. :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010-11-14 Pic of the Day!

Playing in the laundry basket :)

2010-11-13 Pics of the Day!

I let Alexsa 'paint' with her food. She had a pretty good time. :)

She wasn't happy with me after I wiped her face.

2010-11-12 Pic of the Day!

Of course she wouldn't sit still long enough to take a decent picture...

2010-11-10 Pic of the Day!

A stand in :) 

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

9 Months Old!

Happy 9 months! (I had to hold her w/ my foot - she wouldn't sit still!)

1. What’s her middle name? Jade

2. What food will she eat every time? Everything! She does love her puffs though.

3. Describe a usual lunch for her: 7oz of formula with oats, then a portion of babyfood

4. What’s her favorite drink? Similac Sensitive

5. What is her favorite song? She LOVES Dean Martin and Harry Belafonte.
6. What milestone has she recently achieved?  She just cut her first tooth!

7.  What milestone is she working on?  Standing without help and cruising.

8.  How many teeth does she have? just one is peaking through

9. What are her favorite toys?  Her Lovey Cow, and her activity table

10. When’s her naptime? sometime around 10, then again around 2.

11. When’s her bedtime? 7:30-8pm

15. What’s her bedtime routine? Bedtime bottle, change into a clean diaper and jammie, a book, then she comes with me to turn off the lights and sing a lulliby. She usually goes right down.
16. Besides the obvious, what’s in her bed at night? her lovey, a yellow cow rag that Cousin Valerie and Lyra gave to her.

17. When is her happiest time of the day? almost all the time! but she's really adorable in the mornings.
18. What can make her laugh 100% of the time? Mommy walking in the door from work :)

19. What makes her mad 100% of the time? Wiping her face after she eats

20. What does she do to make others smile? Laugh, give kisses, play "I'm gonna getcha!"
21. What does she do that drives Mommy crazy? Screams like a banchee. UGH.

22. What words/sounds is she making? She says Bababa, Gagaga, Dadada. She also loves to make raspberries.

23. Any signs yet?  she used to do milk but not so much anymore. She does All done.

24. Who are her biggest fans? Mommy and Daddy of course! But I'd say everyone pretty much loves her.  She's especially fond of her Aunts Christy, Denise, and Rachel.

25. What is her most notable physical feature? Everyone comments on her long eyelashes and beautiful blue eyes.

2010-11-09 Pic of the Day!

She looked super cute when we went to BJ's tonight, but she wouldn't stop screaming! This is mid-scream:

Monday, November 8, 2010

2010-11-08 Pics of the Day!

Daddy dressed Alexsa today! 
Yes, that is a Santa onsie in early November, pink and grey pants and purple socks.  He told me earlier she had leg warmers on too!

 Alexsa is getting ready to go to Aunt Christy's for a few hours so Barry and I can go out to dinner. :)  She looked so cute in her coat!

2010-11-07 Pics of the Day!

Sunday we spent the day with Rachel!  We relaxed in the morning, then headed to Acropolis in Ybor for some yummy greek food.  Alexsa had Babaganoush and ate her fair share of the yummy appitizer.  After we hopped over to Ikea for some always oh-so-awesome shopping. I can always find at least 3234645 things I like there. :)

Alexsa's watching Sunday Morning in her leg warmers :)  She's going to try out for Fame later.

At the restaurant. She looked so pretty in the natural light.

Giving "Aunt" Rachel kisses. :)

Didn't get any pics at Ikea, but we had a great time, then headed back to Jacksonville!

2010-11-06 Pics of the Day!

Wow... 2 days without a picture!  I'm such a bad mommy... Oh well, moving on ...

On Friday Alexsa and I drove to Tampa to visit with my cousin Rachel and to go to Adam's 1st birthday party!  It was a train theme, and the kids 'took' a train to the playground! It was absolutely adorable.

At the playground... :)

Alexsa LOVES to swing!

The older 'kids' took the train back to the house. :)

Alexsa playing with Mike

It was a great day! A big THANKS to Angelle for throwing a great birthday party for Addie.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

2010-11-03 Pics of the Day!

Last week I purchased some adorable leg warmers from  I love this site and visit it multiple times a day to see what the latest deal is.  Well I got them in today!  I couldn't wait to bring them home and play dressup with Alexsa.  Here's just 1 of the 5 pairs I got.