Monday, November 8, 2010

2010-11-07 Pics of the Day!

Sunday we spent the day with Rachel!  We relaxed in the morning, then headed to Acropolis in Ybor for some yummy greek food.  Alexsa had Babaganoush and ate her fair share of the yummy appitizer.  After we hopped over to Ikea for some always oh-so-awesome shopping. I can always find at least 3234645 things I like there. :)

Alexsa's watching Sunday Morning in her leg warmers :)  She's going to try out for Fame later.

At the restaurant. She looked so pretty in the natural light.

Giving "Aunt" Rachel kisses. :)

Didn't get any pics at Ikea, but we had a great time, then headed back to Jacksonville!

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