Monday, November 1, 2010

Biting the Bullet

We are so blessed.  We have a roof over our heads in a gated community in an area of town that is good for kids and close to pretty much everything.  We have family and friends that live within an hour's drive. Every time there's a crazy rain storm outside, I just breathe a little sigh of thanks that I am indoors and dry, watching TV on my flat screen, or doing dishes with hot water.  Our bills are paid on time, and I have gas in my car to take me wherever I want to take myself.  But at the end of the month, its been getting just a BIT too close for comfort, and frankly, I'm not used to saying "I can't" when friends want to do something fun that involves money.

So, Barry and I are biting the bullet.  We have set a target date of Jan 1, 2011 to move in to my parents house.  Its actually been talked about for a few months now, but daily life gets in the way and we've probably been ignoring the need.  I am so grateful that I have amazing parents that are not only willing, but seem genuinely excited about having 3 more mouths to feed.  My dad said something about "multi-generational" living or something like that.  Mom is excited that Barry will be helping her cook (our "Rent" is that Barry has too cook one meal a week.)

Its going to be challenging.  For silly reasons like being used to walking around in our skivvies (or less) and having our own space to lounge and kiss and play. For not-so-silly reasons like differences of opinion when it comes to where we should be spending our time on Sunday mornings.  But I need to remember that my parents are much more open than I ever give them credit for, and that they respect us as parents ourselves.  We'll need to remember that its only temporary, and will help us tremendously in saving money towards a house of our own.

Once we are moved out, our home will be going on the market for Rent.  We had a carpet guy come and measure today; as soon as we move the furniture they'll be in there replacing the carpet.  Unfortunately, we won't be able to get close to what our mortgage is, but at least it'll help.   I'm fairly confident that we won't have any trouble finding a renter.

UGH.  Its hard to ask for help.  But we're so lucky to have family that is ready and willing to lift you up.


Laurie said...

The awesome thing is everything is temporary. And this WILL help you toward your goal.

Bonus: Alexsa gets to develop a relationship with her grandparents that she couldn't have, otherwise. I mean, I know they are super close to you, but there is something to be said for sitting across from someone at dinner or breakfast every day.

My parents lived with us for almost a year and it was good :) (most of the time!)

Sounds like you are already embracing it for what it will be...enjoy!!

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Sometimes change is fun! Your parents sound great.

Angelle said...

It will be a tremendous help. And I know your parents are wonderful people who are very generous. It will all work out. Love to you guys!