Saturday, November 20, 2010

2010-11-20 Pics of the Day!

Today was a fun-filled day!  After Alexsa's morning nap, we headed to the zoo for her first trip (and to use our GROUPON!) with my sister Christy and BIL Keith.  Christy took most of the pictures, so i'll post some more when she puts them on FB... We saw all sorts of animals and even went to the petting zoo and pet the goats.  Of all that, her favorite part was washing her hands after hanging out w/ the goats! We went into the Discovery Center so she could crawl a bit and I dressed her up like a Giraffe:
Alexsa actually fell asleep in her stroller! I couldn't believe it.  She was so tired.  So we left the zoo and drove to Orange Park so barry could climb a bit.  While Barry climbed, we played with Evan's toys and went on her first Radio Flyer ride!  She absolutely LOVED it.  Hopefully Mima and Papa will get her one for her birthday :)

Lost in conversation

She looks frightened, but she was screaming with excitement!
After the wagon ride she got pushed around in this car - could be another bday gift idea! she really had fun with it.
This thing is sweet, but not as sweet as my Mustang...

Checking her mirrors...
After playing with Evan's car at Dave and Jen's we headed to St. Augustine for their lighting of the Nights of Lights.  We didn't get there to watch the actual lighting, but at least we got to walk around and enjoy the people watching and music and of course the lights. Alexsa was so good up to the very end. We're so lucky to have such a laid back little girl.

I love this picture of Barry, Jen and Penny in the background laughing :)
My Cutie in her hoodie. :)

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Garret of Jim and Garret said...

The "checking her mirrors" photo tickled me. LOL