Tuesday, November 9, 2010

9 Months Old!

Happy 9 months! (I had to hold her w/ my foot - she wouldn't sit still!)

1. What’s her middle name? Jade

2. What food will she eat every time? Everything! She does love her puffs though.

3. Describe a usual lunch for her: 7oz of formula with oats, then a portion of babyfood

4. What’s her favorite drink? Similac Sensitive

5. What is her favorite song? She LOVES Dean Martin and Harry Belafonte.
6. What milestone has she recently achieved?  She just cut her first tooth!

7.  What milestone is she working on?  Standing without help and cruising.

8.  How many teeth does she have? just one is peaking through

9. What are her favorite toys?  Her Lovey Cow, and her activity table

10. When’s her naptime? sometime around 10, then again around 2.

11. When’s her bedtime? 7:30-8pm

15. What’s her bedtime routine? Bedtime bottle, change into a clean diaper and jammie, a book, then she comes with me to turn off the lights and sing a lulliby. She usually goes right down.
16. Besides the obvious, what’s in her bed at night? her lovey, a yellow cow rag that Cousin Valerie and Lyra gave to her.

17. When is her happiest time of the day? almost all the time! but she's really adorable in the mornings.
18. What can make her laugh 100% of the time? Mommy walking in the door from work :)

19. What makes her mad 100% of the time? Wiping her face after she eats

20. What does she do to make others smile? Laugh, give kisses, play "I'm gonna getcha!"
21. What does she do that drives Mommy crazy? Screams like a banchee. UGH.

22. What words/sounds is she making? She says Bababa, Gagaga, Dadada. She also loves to make raspberries.

23. Any signs yet?  she used to do milk but not so much anymore. She does All done.

24. Who are her biggest fans? Mommy and Daddy of course! But I'd say everyone pretty much loves her.  She's especially fond of her Aunts Christy, Denise, and Rachel.

25. What is her most notable physical feature? Everyone comments on her long eyelashes and beautiful blue eyes.

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