Monday, October 29, 2007

When the Cat's Away

...the mouse is lonely. :(

Barry went camping and climbing this weekend with Dave and Jen, but because i had prior commitments i couldn't go. They left Friday and will be home tomorrow night. It wasn't so bad this weekend because i was so busy, but today i feel mopey and sad. I'm sure our overcast crappy weather isn't helping my mood; I just want him home. And then, of course, my cats aren't helping. I can't imagine how Laurie does it with kids. This morning was a disaster. i don't know if they miss their daddy or if they didn't like the new litter box, but i woke up to 3 puddles of cat pee in the bathroom. at least it was on the tile. They say that if you are around a smell for more than a few minutes or so, you don't smell it anymore unless you leave and come back into the room. NOT SO with cat pee. My shower this morning was not a pleasant experience. All i could smell was cat pee.

I wonder if i peed on the tile i would feel better about Barry...

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Public Service Announcement

Hey all!! There was something in our local paper recently about unclaimed money. A woman in a small county in Florida received about $20,000 in an unclaimed something-or-other her late husband had that she didn’t know about.

SOOOO, I’ve decided to tell my friends and family that, YOU TOO, could be the owner of money that you never knew about! I, unfortunately, did not win. But maybe you’ll have more luck!

The link below is a portal to ALL the state’s unclaimed property websites. Good luck and HAPPY HUNTING!


P.S. There will be a small finder’s fee to anyone who finds money as a direct result of this email. (Just kidding!)

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ashton, The Parliamentarian

Last night at dinner, Ashton and Braydon were already done eating when Denise just sat down with her plate. Braydon gave her one of his toys to hold. Ashton saw Denise with the toy and quickly said,

"Mommy, you can't play with toys until you finish your dinner!"

I wonder if he's heard that before?

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Boob Shelf

My new kitty Hiro seems to have found the perfect place to lay down and relax: On my Boob Shelf. Nice. I'm glad their comfortable, Bud. It's a good thing i like you. :) Nah, who am i kidding? I love it, especially when he's all purr-y. So cute.

When i was in HS i started to write a book called "101 Uses for Big Breasts" I guess i could add one more to the list: Kitty Cuddler.
Here's a picture of Takari and Hiro meeting:
PS I just Pulled another Laurie! that's 5!

Mandi aka Laurie Blogger

Ok, so i guess i'm a bloggin' fool today! Count 'em, 4 blogs today. GO me. I feel like Laurie. :) Now if someone would comment on them, that would make me happy. Anyway, I really DO do stuff at work. Today just happens to be a bit slow. And plus, I’m a great multitasker. I found this website through blog lurking on a friend blogger’s blog:

Enjoy a chuckle with me today!

Witnessing Heartbreak

Let me tell you how we aquired Hiro. My sister called me yesterday to ask me if i knew anyone who wanted a kitten. They got one on Saturday and Braydon is already hacking & coughing. Also, Braydon is just too little to understand how to handle him and is tossing and kicking the poor little guy. So i get the phone call. The only issue is: Ashton is already in love with Hiro and Denise hasn't yet told him that he's going away. So last night I walk into the room with Ashton's face buried into Denise's lap. He's completely heartbroken. It was so sad. I've never seen him cry like this before. He wasn't mad, or hurt. And he cried for a long time. Even after he had calmed down, he walked back into where i was with Hiro and sat a good distance from us, just huffing and staring at this creature that would've been his best friend. I told him he could come by anytime and visit. "Can I go to Aunt Mandi's house when we leave here?" No, it's a school night hun. "Can I go to Aunt Mandi's house tomorrow?" We'll see. How about this weekend? "Ok..." he says, defeated. Poor guy.

Our Family is Growing!

Barry and I.... have an addition! It's a boy!! A boy kitty, that is! HA... Our family has grown to one more. Meet: Hiro Nakamura! (Hiro for short) He's not quite 8 weeks old, all gray with gray eyes. His big brothers are still getting used to him, and Harley's being a big pussy. ha. He doesn't realize that he is literally 15 times his weight. Anytime Hiro gets close, Harley hisses at him and runs into the other room.
More pictures to follow with his brothers!

Visit with the Gallers

We went to Orlando this weekend to visit the Gallers and meet Erin. We had a great time! We walk in the their villa on saturday night to the sounds of Mike and Jason screaming at the TV about the Gator game. It was good to see Angelle and Mike's parents and the Konicki's and Megan and Erica also, even though it was just for a shore while. (Too bad the Gators lost.)
I just can't believe how much Leah talks! It's hard to believe that Leah and Braydon are so close in age. Braydon is still wearing 6-12 month pants and 12-18 month tops. And his vocabulary is still very limited. Leah, on the other hand, seems to have almost a full grasp of language. It just boggles me that she's not quite 2 1/2 yet! I do wish we had more time together, though. I hope we can get together more often. I love spending time with Angelle and everyone and I am sad every time we say goodbye. Hopefully we'll get together again soon!
Here are some pictures from Downtown Disney:

Thursday, October 4, 2007

I'm an Adult, Go Figure?

I always wondered when it would be when i would receive "Adult Status". For whatever reason i thought i would feel a definitive moment in my life that i would become that 'old person' my parents were/are. Adult Status is defined as someone who has a 'real job'. Someone who eats their vegetables, who is morally set, and who seems to know just about everything.

My definitive moment actually came when i realized that there is not gong to be a specific moment. To my nieces & nephews, i already am that Adult. That 'old person'. To my parents, I'm still their Child (with Adult Tendencies). I have friends that range in ages from 21-60+. And to them, we are Equals. Some are about the same age as my parents. I can talk to them just as i talk to anyone my own age - about silly things, serious things, and those strange conversations that fall in between. We even talk about sex. And it's not weird or 'gross' to talk to people my parents age about sex. In fact, I say 'Good for you'! (It's just my parents that still kinda ick me out to think about). I'm glad that there's no one to tell me that i have to become an Adult. Apparently, it's OK to have Adult Status and mess up or be silly every once in a while.

I now realize: That 'Adult Status' my parents had growing up? I have it too, to my nieces and nephews, anyway. Its kind of like a secret identity. I'm a super hero to my nephews. To them i am an everready battery that can run around and play with them and never get tired. To my nieces I'm the coolest woman on the planet that can do no wrong. I'm sure I'm 'old' to them. ...I guess that's okay.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

*evin grin*

I love the way my boobs look in this bra. :)