Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Witnessing Heartbreak

Let me tell you how we aquired Hiro. My sister called me yesterday to ask me if i knew anyone who wanted a kitten. They got one on Saturday and Braydon is already hacking & coughing. Also, Braydon is just too little to understand how to handle him and is tossing and kicking the poor little guy. So i get the phone call. The only issue is: Ashton is already in love with Hiro and Denise hasn't yet told him that he's going away. So last night I walk into the room with Ashton's face buried into Denise's lap. He's completely heartbroken. It was so sad. I've never seen him cry like this before. He wasn't mad, or hurt. And he cried for a long time. Even after he had calmed down, he walked back into where i was with Hiro and sat a good distance from us, just huffing and staring at this creature that would've been his best friend. I told him he could come by anytime and visit. "Can I go to Aunt Mandi's house when we leave here?" No, it's a school night hun. "Can I go to Aunt Mandi's house tomorrow?" We'll see. How about this weekend? "Ok..." he says, defeated. Poor guy.

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