Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Boob Shelf

My new kitty Hiro seems to have found the perfect place to lay down and relax: On my Boob Shelf. Nice. I'm glad their comfortable, Bud. It's a good thing i like you. :) Nah, who am i kidding? I love it, especially when he's all purr-y. So cute.

When i was in HS i started to write a book called "101 Uses for Big Breasts" I guess i could add one more to the list: Kitty Cuddler.
Here's a picture of Takari and Hiro meeting:
PS I just Pulled another Laurie! that's 5!


Laurie said...

Hiro is so cute! I wish kittens didn't grow up. Frodo is so big and stupid now.

Mandi. I can't wait until you have kids. You'll be able to hold a whole BABY on your boob shelf, then!

Rhiannon said...

He is so cute! I wish Dave didn't hate cats. Look at you go you crazy blogger!