Friday, December 28, 2007

Today so far...

The day sucks: barry and I started to argue about $$. He doesn’t understand that vacations aren’t a necesesity. Just because it’s “cheap” doesn’t mean we can afford it. My mortgage is assessing flood insurance because their dumbasses can’t seem to maintain a current policy that I have with my rental condo, so I’ve had to call 8 numbers just to find someone that can email me a damn policy so I don’t have to pay for outrageously expensive, totally unnecessary flood coverage.

It's only 9:30... I have a wedding to go to this afternoon, so hopefully it'll get better. :P

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Today went by way too fast. We got to my sister's just before 1 and watched the kids open their presents. I ran out of boxes for the boys, so i put one of Ashton's Tshirts in a Wheat Thins box. When he opened it, he had this confused look on his face like, uh, whatever. he kinda just tossed it aside to get the next gift. it was funny. When we told him to open the box he was like OOOO SWEEEET! (Spiderman tshirt). The kids are so cute opening their gifts. So many "COOOOOOL!!"s before they even realized what it was (like pillow cases and sheets -oooooo.)

Then it was the adults turn to open presents. Barry this morning was like "What's open today?" ("CVS I think") "What can I get my wife at CVS for Christmas?" ("Jerk.") All week he's been playing it up that he had no idea what to get me and was strongly implying that i didn't get anything under the tree today. Well after everyone had opened their presents out comes a gift from my husband! YAY! He went out with Nichole and she helped him pick out a leather jacket that I've been talking about for a while. YAY!!!! He was so proud of himself for deceiving me all this time.

The rest of the day was just eating and relaxing with family. we played a game of balderdash and went on a drive and looked at Christmas lights. The boys the whole time were just rowdy with sugar and new toys. At one point we see all three of them sneaking through the dark hallway with their new headlamps. As they turn the bend and go through some adults, Ashton, quite loudly, states: "SHHH! We're SNEAKING!" Oh, OK. got it. :)

Before we know it it's after 8:00. I have to work in the morning and we have a decent drive home, so we say goodbye and headout.

Christmas is just so much better with kids and loved ones. I am so grateful to have such wonderful people that i call family.

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Wedding

The wedding was crazy, by the way. it was supposed to start at 1:00, on the beach, with the reception at the beach pavillion following. The weather forcast all week was to have beautiful weather today, with no chance of rain. We wake up this morning to just a crappy day. Misty and windy, overcast and cold. SOOOO, by the time barry and i get to st. augustine beach, the plans changed 4 or so times. We drove back and forth from hotel to condo to hotel trying to figure out where things were happening and to find a place for barry to get ready. They ended up having the wedding in the pavillion, and by the power of the gods above and below, got a hall at the Hampton Inn at 10:00am this morning. I can imagine how that conversation went. "Hello? I'd like to book your hall for a wedding reception." "Sure, what date did you have in mind?" "Right now, please." "Uhhh.... ok. That'll be a gazillion dollars."

So the wedding itself was beautiful, but cold and delayed, which made it feel colder. The reception was cramped, but cozy and very fun. Just a casual party with a beautiful couple. I'll post a pic on here when i've more sleep and am more alert. It was a full day and when we were drivng home, barry and i were comlaining on how tired we were. i asked what time it was and he said 6:30! geez...

So my advice for the day is: Don't have a beach wedding in december.

A Quick Jaunt to the Emergency Room

This weekend one of our best friends got married and Barry was a groomsman. So last night we are at the rehearsal dinner near the beach. It's cold and windy and the preacher forgot, so we are waiting 3 hours for him to get to the beach. What else to do? but drink! Wine and beer a-plenty was flowin' to warm our bodies. They had Chateau St. Michelle Riesling, which i thought i remember having before and loving it! I even give Barry a sip and say Mmmmm! isn't is good? After just one glass i was feeling pretty loopy, since i hadn't had lunch that day. And then they brought out some nuts to snack on until dinner was ready. So I'm chomping on nuts and sipping my wine. Feeling good and visiting friends. Until i start getting these bug bites. And me, of course, starts complaining about the bugs and why i didn't see them. Is no one else getting bitten? Oh, my drink is empty! Another glass? SURE! Well, my grandpa did say i was "Mandi Pandy, Sweet as Candy". The bugs always liked me more anyway. Hm. Dinner starts. Another glass is poured. I'm scratching away on my legs and feet and right under my wedding ring. I start complaining to Barry. Barry, I'm DYING. They're killing me. Barry says to "stop scratching, you look like a heroin addict." But i can't help it! I go to the bathroom to look at my legs and i FREAK OUT. i have "bug bites" more than i have leg skin. It looked like cottage cheese on my thighs, but red and splotchy. I go back and I'm like, uh, Barry, i think we need to go to the hospital. Only now do they say, oh you could have hives. It starts on my stomach and back, and on my chest and arms. THEN i get nervous and my chest starts feeling tight and my throat feels like it's closing in. No good. It's my best friends wedding weekend, and here i am having an allergic reaction to something. poo. So Barry finds out where the closest hospital is and off we go. We get to the hospital at 7:15 and we were seen at like 7:25. They don't mess with throats closing in, i guess. After a quick cocktail of benadril, zantac, and salu-trol something or other, we're back to the party by 9:00! My husband called me a soldier. Hard core partier. :)

But no more Chateau St. Michelle for me. Sucks, 'cause it was SO GOOD!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Don't Look The Gift Horse In The Mouth

Ok ya'll, don't freak out. I'm BLOGGING. It's 11:24. I'm at work. And I'm blogging. On blogger. YESSSSSS. I don't know how long this will last before my IT guy realizes that i can see this, but I'm not gonna tell anyone! I did happen to mention to him that it upset me that took it away from me. I wonder if he felt sorry for me. OH WELL!

(Now I'm never going to get work done...)

Friday, December 7, 2007

Damn the Man

I got word today that i didn't get the position. I'm kinda hot about it, not because i didn't get it, but because i know people more qualified posted for it, and the person that got it may or may not have been the best choice. C'est la vie. There was no interview with the CEO, they just made the decision without all that hoopla bull. If they already knew who was going to get it though, why bother even putting everyone else though the interview process... :P OH well. I have a meeting with my Retail Manager on Monday, so maybe I'll get more insight then. Til then, I'll stay hot about it.

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Not being able to post at work has seriously diminished my posts. So here's an update on things that have happened in the last month:

  • My Grandma is getting better. She was out of the hospital and even came home from the nursing home for a few hours on Thanksgiving. She is back at the hospital now, but the thought of hospice is far from everyone's mind - even the doctor is optimistic. She is just getting old, and even though she's almost 80, it's hard to accept.
  • There is an opening at the Branch 2 miles from the house and I posted for it. It was a tough decision because I absolutely love where i work. My current office is the "Golden Child" because our numbers are always awesome. Not to mention that I love the people i work with. It will be sad to not see them everyday if i get this position. However, I will be, like i said, 2 miles from my house, saving me 30 miles a day in gas. That's a hefty savings at $3.05/gallon. I already interviewed with the Market Manager and Retail Manager and if i am in the top 2 (4 people posted) I'll interview with our CEO. Hopefully I'll know in about a week.
  • I paid off my car and got the title! I officially own my Civic!! WOOHOO!!!! This is awesome!!!
  • However, that excitement is quickly dwindled because my car payment is replaced by our home owner's dues. DR Horton paid for the first year. our HO Dues are more than my car payment. seriously. it sucks. Condos are cool because there's no yard work, but it's SOOO not worth it. I could pay a lawn guy less. eh.
  • Barry's brother came to visit last weekend and we went shooting. I shot a couple of .40's, a .45 and a 9mm. The 9mm was my favorite, if i could have a favorite. I'm a TERRIBLE shot. TERRIBLE.
  • Barry is out in Denver this weekend, snowboarding and visiting Shawn, his best friend that moved out there in Sept. I was invited to the Jaguar game with a guy Nichole and I met at our last Jag game adventure. My husband gave me permission to go on a date with another man! HA! What actually happened was he invited both of us, but Barry'll be in Denver. SOOOO Nichole and I get to go instead! GO JAGUARS!!

I think that's it for now. Late Happy Thanksgiving to all! Happy Hanukkah, and if i don't get back on here, Merry Christmas!