Friday, December 28, 2007

Today so far...

The day sucks: barry and I started to argue about $$. He doesn’t understand that vacations aren’t a necesesity. Just because it’s “cheap” doesn’t mean we can afford it. My mortgage is assessing flood insurance because their dumbasses can’t seem to maintain a current policy that I have with my rental condo, so I’ve had to call 8 numbers just to find someone that can email me a damn policy so I don’t have to pay for outrageously expensive, totally unnecessary flood coverage.

It's only 9:30... I have a wedding to go to this afternoon, so hopefully it'll get better. :P

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Mike said...

I think besides kids, money is the #1 thing married couples fight about. Its hard if you dont have similar financial goals (i know, doesnt that sound all adult and lame?). Angelle and I often 'converse' or 'disagree' about money, but i think if y'all set up a budget, then there wont be any disagreements. You'll either have the money, or you wont. Make sure money is allocated to bills that have to get paid, and also set up an auto draft to 401k if you have it, or into savings, and then AFTER that anything left over is your slush fund. You can take it out in cash or put it in a separate account, so if that fund has $$, then you can go on a trip.