Saturday, December 22, 2007

The Wedding

The wedding was crazy, by the way. it was supposed to start at 1:00, on the beach, with the reception at the beach pavillion following. The weather forcast all week was to have beautiful weather today, with no chance of rain. We wake up this morning to just a crappy day. Misty and windy, overcast and cold. SOOOO, by the time barry and i get to st. augustine beach, the plans changed 4 or so times. We drove back and forth from hotel to condo to hotel trying to figure out where things were happening and to find a place for barry to get ready. They ended up having the wedding in the pavillion, and by the power of the gods above and below, got a hall at the Hampton Inn at 10:00am this morning. I can imagine how that conversation went. "Hello? I'd like to book your hall for a wedding reception." "Sure, what date did you have in mind?" "Right now, please." "Uhhh.... ok. That'll be a gazillion dollars."

So the wedding itself was beautiful, but cold and delayed, which made it feel colder. The reception was cramped, but cozy and very fun. Just a casual party with a beautiful couple. I'll post a pic on here when i've more sleep and am more alert. It was a full day and when we were drivng home, barry and i were comlaining on how tired we were. i asked what time it was and he said 6:30! geez...

So my advice for the day is: Don't have a beach wedding in december.

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