Thursday, December 6, 2007


Not being able to post at work has seriously diminished my posts. So here's an update on things that have happened in the last month:

  • My Grandma is getting better. She was out of the hospital and even came home from the nursing home for a few hours on Thanksgiving. She is back at the hospital now, but the thought of hospice is far from everyone's mind - even the doctor is optimistic. She is just getting old, and even though she's almost 80, it's hard to accept.
  • There is an opening at the Branch 2 miles from the house and I posted for it. It was a tough decision because I absolutely love where i work. My current office is the "Golden Child" because our numbers are always awesome. Not to mention that I love the people i work with. It will be sad to not see them everyday if i get this position. However, I will be, like i said, 2 miles from my house, saving me 30 miles a day in gas. That's a hefty savings at $3.05/gallon. I already interviewed with the Market Manager and Retail Manager and if i am in the top 2 (4 people posted) I'll interview with our CEO. Hopefully I'll know in about a week.
  • I paid off my car and got the title! I officially own my Civic!! WOOHOO!!!! This is awesome!!!
  • However, that excitement is quickly dwindled because my car payment is replaced by our home owner's dues. DR Horton paid for the first year. our HO Dues are more than my car payment. seriously. it sucks. Condos are cool because there's no yard work, but it's SOOO not worth it. I could pay a lawn guy less. eh.
  • Barry's brother came to visit last weekend and we went shooting. I shot a couple of .40's, a .45 and a 9mm. The 9mm was my favorite, if i could have a favorite. I'm a TERRIBLE shot. TERRIBLE.
  • Barry is out in Denver this weekend, snowboarding and visiting Shawn, his best friend that moved out there in Sept. I was invited to the Jaguar game with a guy Nichole and I met at our last Jag game adventure. My husband gave me permission to go on a date with another man! HA! What actually happened was he invited both of us, but Barry'll be in Denver. SOOOO Nichole and I get to go instead! GO JAGUARS!!

I think that's it for now. Late Happy Thanksgiving to all! Happy Hanukkah, and if i don't get back on here, Merry Christmas!

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