Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Big Apple

Barry and I had a great Labor Day weekend. We went up to NYC to visit with Barry's brother Willie and enjoy the sights of the city. It was a whirlwind of walking, eating, eating and walking, and a bit more eating and walking. We got a great deal on a hotel so we stayed right in the Financial District of Manhattan - walking distance from Ground Zero. I guess everything in NYC is walking distance, since that is ALL we did! Well, we ate too :). First thing Saturday we went on a Helicoptor tour of Manhattan. It was freakin' sweet flying around the Statue of Liberty. Also, I saw where Chandler Bing worked (heheh). We went to the Museum of Natural History and Hayden Planetarium and the MET. As we walked around the city it was like every other place we looked was something out of a movie or TV show. We ate Cheesecake at Juniors, which is where Bobby Flay lost his Cheesecake Throwdown. We passed by Pommes Frites, which i saw on a Food Network special. We saw where Grace's interior design office was and countless other famous landmarks. :) We also saw Avenue Q on Broadway. It's a musical that combines Sesame Street (puppetry) with the adult humor of South Park. It was SOOOO Funny!!

We also went and saw where Barry grew up in Flushing, Queens. We walked around Flushing Meadow Park, the park that he played in as a kid. Click here to learn about this famous place and all the cool stuff that goes on there. :)

As i mentioned earlier, we had a bit to eat. The whole weekend revolved around where our next meal was going to be and making sure we walked enough between meals to work up an appetite! Here's a list of all the yummy stuff we had:

Yakatori (Japanese meat and veggies on sticks)
Dim Sum in Chinatown (i don't know the name of it)
Malaysian (i'm not sure if this is the same resaurant, but it looked pretty much like this)
Lox & Bagels (THE BEST Lox i have ever had. We were gonna have some shipped, but it's $30/pound and then another $30 to ship to FL... ouch.)
Guss's Pickles
Katz's Deli FAMOUS pastrami sandwich
El Faro's Spanish cuisine
REAL NY Pizza in Flushing (can't find a website)
Korean @ KumGangSang
& Taiwanese...

phew. i'm full just writing all that...

Ok, well, alot more stuff happened, but this is turning out to be long enough. I don't have any pictures on this computer to show, but go to my myspace page and you can see a few shots.

(I guess i went crazy with that hyperlink feature! Me likes.)


Laurie said...

yum. now i'm hungry.

Angelle said...

You know how I like to eat, I would LOVE that trip. Will you guys come with us sometime so you can show us where to eat?