Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who's Got Spirit? Me?


I went online yesterday to confirm our reservation to NYC in September, and they did not have our booking number on file. And I have not been able to get in touch with Spirit Air. Every time I try, I get a busy signal. I even got their corporate numbers ...still: busy. I tried the airport directly. Busy Signal. Finally I got so fed up I called my credit card company to just dispute the charge, but they can't do that until the date of travel passed. At the end of yesterday, I was getting sooo frustrated, especially after reading the above links about how poor the airline is. I decided to look at my printout of when I booked the flight ONE MORE TIME. Apparently, your reservation number and your "Record Locator" are 2 different things, and my record locator was on an email that stayed in my inbox. When I got home, lo and behold, there was the email and inside that was a record number.

Alas, we are confirmed for 2 tickets to NYC by way of Ft. Lauderdale. Phew. Now, unfortunately, we have to drive to Ft. Laudie the night before to catch the 6 am flight. I just hope the airline doesn't go under before then...

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