Monday, August 10, 2009

14 Weeks and Counting

Friday we had our monthly check up. The VERY first thing Dr. Raspa says to me after our hello's is "You know, it's OK to color your hair - it doesn't absorb into your skin." LOL! I guess my roots are getting pretty bad. So, time for a trip to CVS now that I know it's safe.Here's some other things that went on:
~We listened to the heartbeat again. He/She is going strong and swimming like a fish! Every time he got a good read, you'd hear it quickly fade away, like Cashew was playing with us. At one point we heard a bit THUMP! and was told that it was a kick. SO COOL!
~Between my last appointment and this one, I actually lost a pound! The Dr. was OK with this and very satisfied by my weight. Because I'm a little hefty anyway, he doesn't want me to gain as much as what my book say. Now that my appetite is growing, I'm going to have to be better about keeping that in check. I want to eat every few hours!
~My next appointment is September 8th, which is our ultrasound! Hopefully we'll find out the sex. I can't wait! (Then we can go "shopping" and register!)

Yesterday as I was in the shower, I felt my baby bump! Not the fatness that has been there for a few weeks, but the actual hardish mound right above my pelvis. Its hard to see, but I can feel it. I tried to get Barry to feel it too, but he wasn't having it. He thinks its weird. Once this baby starts kicking, his ass better be willing to feel it, that's all I'm sayin'.
Today at work I want everyone to touch my belly! BUT, I know that 1 - they probably can't feel it yet (its a little bump) and 2- You can't feel it through my clothes yet. I don't think I'd be working here much longer if I kept asking people to put their hands down my pants. I'll restrain.

On another note, we got a crib and a pack n play! I am SOO grateful of my friends' generosity. My friend Jen's mom is moving and no longer needed the crib she had. I checked it out and was very happy with it. So what if it's not the exact one that I would want; a free crib is a gift from heaven. So Saturday I put it together and put it in its place in our spare bedroom er, i mean, the baby's room. (weird) When I was done, I caught Barry in the room just staring at the crib. It was kinda funny. Not even an hour after the crib was in place, we looked in and saw Harley (our Tuxedo cat) sleeping in it. It was so cute, but we don't want him to think that it's HIS place, or that the cats are even allowed inside. Any ideas on how to divert them? We thought about putting tin foil on the mattress. I did spray some vinegar water on the mattress in hopes that that will make them not want to be there. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated!
Also, a friend at work gave me her pack n play! I haven't put that together yet because I'm not sure exactly where I'm going to put it, but apparently its only a few years old and has the ability to be raised up for a changing table.

It's getting more and more real everyday. For the most part, I just think of the amazing-ness of having a baby. A person that Barry and I created. My dream of becoming a mother is coming true. A little package full of hugs and kisses. I can't wait to feel the love that is already beginning to grow for this little nut. I can't wait for the power of a mother's love when they need a booboo kissed. (I could go on and on...) But the other parts are making it REALLY real. How will we afford this? Who will take care of them after I go back to work? How will we afford this?? What if something horrible happens? What if they grow up to be a douche bag? I'm sure those 15 year old girls don't think about those things when they go on Maury Povich. I'm 29 and I never really thought about it until now. It's scary. But at the same time, I can't worry. I know that our support system is amazing and that this child will never want for anything.


Angelle said...

Awwwww. That was such a sweet post. It will not be really real until you arrive home with that baby in your arms. And I know how much you love kids. There is NOTHING like knowing that little person is yours and you can kiss them and hold them and stare ALL you want and no one will come and take them away. But it is of course a HUGE responsibility to NOT let them turn out like a douchebag. :) I stress about that everyday.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

To keep animals off unwanted spaces you can:

1- Tattle Tale -

2- Carpet runner sold by the foot at Home Depot. Plain clear plastic. Turn it upside down and the plastic "spikes" deter my cats and dog from furniture. Cut to fit to any size. Roll up and stow away when you have company.

Alix said...

I'll touch your belly... I'll touch your belly {raising hand and groaning...}

I remember discovering my growing uterus when I was laying flat in bed. I ran my fingers over my abdomen and - what's this? - a crazy hard baby-filled lump.

I loved it.

Funny how some lumps can wage war and fear on your emotions, and some are so welcome!

Enjoy little cashew, Mandi. Once it's on the outside, it's a whole lot noiser. Trust me.

Love ya. Barry will come around. Dads always do.