Friday, December 10, 2010

2010-12-10* Pic of the Day/Happy 10 Months!

*We didn't get a chance to take your chair pictures yesterday :( Sorry we're a day late!

 I can't believe you're so big!!  And I can't believe what a slacker i've been...  I hope I can remember all the things you've learned in the last few months... 

At 10 months, you can:
  • Hold your own bottle, yet you choose not to.  Ms. Diva prefers that someone feeds you.
  • Use a sippy cup while sitting in your car seat.  Anywhere else you can't stay still long enough to actually enjoy your drink.
  • Stand for a few seconds at a time before either falling or setting yourself down.
  • You're too tall to stand under the table anymore, but you haven't figured that out yet so you keep hitting your head. Silly girl.
  • For some STRANGE reason, you love to drink your bath water.  Just tonight you starting sticking your tongue under the running water - maybe you've watched the cats do it?
  • 98% of the time you go down for naps and bed without any fuss and you still sleep through the night. (Thank you!!)  Currently you go to bed around 7:30 and sleep for 11-12 hrs.
  • Normally you're down to 2 naps.  Sometimes you'll go down for a 3rd, but if you do its not very long.
  • Just today you started making a fishy kiss face - So cute!
  • You mimic many many sounds.  You like to mimic the cats' meows too, which is really cute.  You've repeated us when we've said ball ("Ba"), book ("ook"), and cat ("Ka") but you probably aren't saying the words yet, just repeating the sound. 
  • EVERY time i ask you to say Mama, you say Dada! Its not very nice, you know :)
  • You are a bundle of energy.  You crawl around and are pretty quick.  You LOVE to laugh. I wish I could bottle your laughter and share it with the world.  Its infectious.
  • You scream.  It drives Daddy and I CRAZY.  You scream so loud my eardrums hurt, and although most of the time its for a reason (dirty, hungry, sleepy, etc), sometimes its for no reason at all except to hear yourself scream.  Daddy and I would GREATLY appreciate you getting over the screaming thing. Like now. Thanks.
  • In the last week or so you've started to pick things up to put them in boxes and buckets and other things.
  • My favorite part of the day is when I take that last step on top of the stairs, turn the corner and see you standing at the gate, squealing with delight when you see my face.
Happy 10 months, Baby Girl!