Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Grandma Hart

My Grandma is back in the hospital. An MRI on Sunday confirmed a brain tumor. Only it's not as big as the first one... 3/4 inch vs. 1 inch. She had some issues last weekend because she lost the use of her left side and couldn't stand or grip or do anything. Every once in a while her leg would move all on its own. :(
They're talking options right now. Grandma does not want to loose her hair again and does not want surgery. They talked about doing a one time treatment, I think it's called GammaKnife, but they would have to drill two holes in her forehead to hold the thing steady. OR they can do the same thing (results-wise) and it would take 5 treatments and she would not loose her hair. I think they are leaning towards that one.
My grandpa has been able to take care of her becuase she's had the strength to hold on around his neck, but she can't do that without the use of her arm. She can't walk independently, so anytime she has to use the restroom or go to bed, she needs to be lifted. She wants to be home, but they are going to have to talk about full time care.
Luckily, her spirits are good and she says she will do what the Drs. recommend. She says she is trying to make the best of it and doing what she has to. She said to the Doctor, “Oh, I’m just eating like a pig.” One of the nurses came to give her a breathing treatment and asked Grandma if it was ok to put her head up. She said, “Oh sure.” Then while looking her in the eye said, “What would you have done if I had said no?” She's a hell of a woman. :)
My grandpa is trying to be positive. I almost worry about him more than my grandma. He's been in love with her for over 60 years. How do you cope with loosing your soul mate?


Angelle said...

Sorry, honey. I will be thinking about you and your grandparents. XOXOXO

Erin & Rick said...

I remember when my Grandma was sick, the last 5 or so years she was alive were really difficult. I'll be keeping you all in my prayers; keep me updated*