Friday, August 22, 2008

Still Alive

Yeah, I'm still alive. Right now, we're a little watter logged w/ Fay bearing down, but Barry has his Olympics and I have a new puzzle, so we're good to go!

There's nothing really too crazy going on w/ Fay. My poor sister and mom both have houses that are being wet-vac'd, but luckily i live in a 2nd story condo. My parents have a house that tends to flood during regular rain storms, so it's been particularly bad these last few days. My sister, unfortunately, has a house that is less than 2 years old and is having water issues. Not so good.

We got out and about today. My work calls at 6:45am to let me know that we're going to open at noon. Then i get a call at 11:15, when i am 3 miles from the office and have already driven over the Buckman, that they changed their minds and aren't going to open - but to stay on standby. By 2:00 i got the final call that we are closed for the weekend.Woohoo! Two 3-day weekends in a row! Woot! So we ended up just lounging around orange park all day. I finally saw Spiderman 3 - what's up w/ that dance scene?? Really?

We got home about 9:15 and right after we got over the buckman, we get a text from a friend letting us know there were tornados spotted in Orange park - right were we JUST were. YIKES! I'm just glad we're home - safe and sound.

I'll post later what else i've been up to recently!

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Angelle said...

Glad to hear everything is okay over there. Enjoy your three day weekend. I hope your mom and sister don't have too many problems.