Monday, September 1, 2008

My Labor Day Weekend


Friday night after work I went to the Roadhouse. It is my hometown's dive bar where the beer is cheap, but the cover bands are decent and you don't have to dress up. Also, it's within walking distance to 3 of my good friends so if i have to much i can just crash at their place. This was the case on Friday. At $5 pitchers of Yuengling and friends willing to buy most of that for me, it was a cheap night! I definitely paid for it later on though. After walking (barely!) to Nichole's parent's house, we went swimming for a spell and crashed on her couch. I got home about 7:30 am, took a shower, and went back to bed until 10.


I had a hangover Saturday, which is not normal for me. It took until about 6pm to get rid of my headache, so we ended up watching the rest of this show called Firefly and the movie that went with it, Serenity. (Angelle, i think you'd like it.) The show did a really good job of allowing you to fall in love w/ every character, but unfortunately, it was cancelled after the first season. I don't know why, because it really was a good show. I also was Barry's Wingman while he played GTA 4. :)


We woke up at the ass crack of dawn (5:15am) to meet James's family (all 12 of them) to go to Itchetucknee Springs and float the river. I was really good and put sun screen on my whole body! Well, except, of course, for my armpits!!! You know, that really sensitive area where your arms rub against your boobs, and your bra strap adjusts at will? I'm a pretty pale gal, and when i burn, i BURN. See? Anyway, other than the burn, it was a great day of relaxing and snorkeling, as well as spending a good time w/ my nieces and James's crew.
Today has been pretty uneventful. We are going to NYC this weekend, so we spent some time planning for that, and then I went shopping w/ Nichole for something for our 10 year HS reunion, which is coming up in a month! I found a really pretty dress, and i only tried it on because i was sure it didn't fit. Of course, it fits perfectly, all $198 plus tax of it! I was "this" close to buying it when Angelle, my voice of reason, reminded me that it was a bad idea. Thanks Angelle!
Happy Labor Day everyone!

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Angelle said...

Lovin the burn. Only you would burn your armpits. Ha ha!