Saturday, September 27, 2008


I FINALLY got in the mood to organize my spare bedroom. For the last 6 months or more, it's been nothing more than a storage space and looked more like a garage w/ a bed in it than a bedroom. We also have SO much furniture in here, that it's hard to make it look like a usable space. But for the last hour i've gone though most of the junk and the only thing on the floor is the furniture - YAY!!
In going through everything i've found:
  • 3 years of mail, 1/2 not even opened yet.
  • my 2006 tax returns
  • random books about China - how to speak it, read it, and travel in it.
  • A box of shot glasses
  • Enough Party Lite candles to burn for a year - straight.
  • a cowboy hat
  • My Paradigm medals and other random memorabilia
  • and last but not least: our video camera! We've been missing it since we moved here. Barry was certain it was lost forever. It was a birthday gift of his and now it's back!! WOOT!!

It's amazing what you'll find when things are actually organized. I'm quite excited. (can you tell?)

NOW all that's left to do is organize the bookshelves and computer area. Ew. i'm not looking forward to this, but if i'm this happy about having the floor clean, just imagine how i'll be when it's all done. :)

I know, you can't contain your excitement either.

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Angelle said...

Ha ha... no seriously I am proud of you. Seriously.