Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Now that he's talking...

My nephew Braydon is so freakin' adorable. I know i say it all the time, but seriously? He is. He's talking so much more now. His articulation is very low, so a lot of the times i have to utilize Ashton as his interpreter.

Today i was taking off his shoes, which i guess i haven't done in quite sometime, because his feet have gotten so big! So i asked him:

Me: Braydon! When did your feet get so big!?
Braydon: Monday. :)

Later on, he had an accident, and the only thing left for him to wear is his swim trunks, so he thought he could go swimming. After countless times of telling him he can't go outside and to the pool, he says something. Ashton finally had to interpret.

Me: No Braydon, you can't go swimming, you're about to go home.
Braydon: I won't go swimming, I want to go standing.
Me: You'll just stand in the pool?
Braydon: Uh-huh.

I love kid's logic.

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