Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bob & Sheri

For my Charlotte friends, you know exactly who i'm talking about. The Bob & Sheri morning show. For those who don't, Bob & Sheri is a morning show syndicated out of Charlotte, NC. When I was living in Daytona (2001), I would listen to their show religiously. There was something about their style and sense of humor that made them so much fun to listen to. When I moved back home to Jax, not hearing them was one of the things I missed in the morning.
Fast forward to January 2009, Girls Weekend in Savanah. I turn on my radio and who do I hear?! My beloved Bob & Sheri!! Sunny 103.3!! I got so excited. I listened to them all 2 hours on the way home, and it wasn't until I got to downtown Jacksonville that they started to fuzz out.
Normally, I can't stand white noise. Any flicker of quality in the reception and the station changes. Well, for Bob and Sheri, I can tolerate it. I even changed the way I went to work so i would travel north around the river instead of south, in the off chance that the 8 miles in either direction would make a difference. (I know, its a sickness, really.)
SO anyway, I thought i'd share. Good night, and I wish you good reception.


Angelle said...

I know how it is. I listen most mornings too (when I can wrench the radio away from kids' music).

Alix said...

Damn girl. That's true love, true dedication, true loyalty. Jason Mesnick could learn something from you.

Viva Bob & Sheri!

Word Verification: "copho" like what you might find at a bachelor party.

tvfxguy said...

I live in Charlotte, and don't know anyone who likes the show....except our office manager....we used to have the radio on in the office but after the our office manager insisted we listened to Bob & Sheri or no radio at all, we voted no radio....12 to 1! Boy was he miffed, so no radio for us!! Thank goodness for internet radio!!