Sunday, March 22, 2009

Hey! I'm Married!

Not that I didn't know that, but its nice get reminded every once in a while.

Today was a great day, even though I'm exhausted. We had a very productive day of cleaning and organizing. We were a great team and the day just flowed. Normally I have to beg Barry to help me with things around the house and then I just end up doing it myself so I don't have to hear him bitch. I probably do it right the first time anyway. But today we woke up, took a shower and got to cleaning. Throughout the day we had kiss-y moments and silly innuendo comments that would make both of us giggle. There was no bickering or griping on either of our parts. Barry was willing to help with everything and actually got things done without direction from me! We worked from about 10:45 until 7:30 with just a short break for lunch. I really wish I took a before and after pictures of our closet because it is COMPLETELY organized with room for more junk! Gotta love space bags when they don't get ruined by cats. All of our winter clothes have been sucked of any air and reduced to dense cubes of plastic and fabric. Our entire wardrobe, less what we're wearing, is washed and put away, and the last load of towels are drying. Anything that hasn't been worn in a year or have been labeled "One-Day-It'll-Fit-Again" have been put aside for a garage sale next weekend. I've got 2 new under-the-bed plastic bins sitting under the bed (go fig) full of things that were formally taking up space elsewhere and my closet base boards were vacuumed for the first time since, well, ever.

The house is still a mess since we really only scratched the surface of what we intend to complete by April 1st, but there were definitely accomplishments today. I just hope we can keep this momentum up!


Angelle said...

Hooray for working together! Love you guys!

Alix said...

Way to go Mandi. It's tough to get motivated for Spring cleaning, but you and Barry boy sound like true champions. You can come over and do the same for me any time!