Thursday, April 2, 2009

Fat Day

Yesterday I was having a fat day. Most days I don't look in the mirror before going out because i know my clothes and know what i look like in them. Yesterday I should've taken that extra 30 seconds, just to be sure.

I arrived at work and went through my normal morning routine: Turn on the computer and log in, then get my station situated and go get my water and go to the bathroom. Our bathroom at work has a full wall mirror right before you get to the actual area w/ the toilets. I stop in my tracks and realize that i look like a burnt sausage link - wearing grey slacks and an "almost" black top that is a few years old. Many rolls abound. My shirt shrunk a little and i've expanded a little... not a good combination. I stop myself in my tracks for a second and get that nasty knot in my stomach. UGH. 'It's gonna be one of those days', i think.
Back to my desk I go, with the idea in my head that i'm about to get put in a skillet and eaten for breakfast so I try to make myself look as small as possible, which of course, as you know when you're having a fat day, has the opposite effect. I decide then that i really need to eat healthy and drink alot of water that day.
Drinking alot of water on a fat day is a bad idea when you work at a place with a full length mirror to look at as you walk in and out of the bathroom. It became a vicious cycle of drinking water, having to pee, seeing myself in the mirror, looking fat and feeling like i should drink more water, then having to pee... well, you see the pattern.
So today I went back to Kung Fu for a good ass-kicking workout. It felt great to be back at the school and to see some old friends. But the best part was that i felt like I really hadn't left. I remembered all the terminology and even felt good sparring. A few more months of this and alot of potty breaks, and hopfully my Fat Days will be few and far between.


Angelle said...

I understand where you are coming from. Get back into an exercise routine!!! Can't wait to see you guys!

Alix said...

Mandi - I'm proud of you girl. It's hard to be motivated to do anything when you feel low. I know better than anyone how looking into a mirror can wreck your day/week/life. Doing something about it can be tough, but when you put a little faith in yourself and say what the hell, it's surprising how fast little changes add up. Kung Fu sounds like a ginormous change! I can't even imagine the energy and stamina that requires, but I know it's going to make you feel good. So I'm here in your corner and I'll be checking on you to make sure you are sticking with your plan. Because that's what friends do... we support each other.

Go Mandi Go!

Crystal said...

I lose weight by cycling, say to work? It really does burn those calories.