Thursday, October 22, 2009

Honest Scrap Award

Alix at Casa Hice has bestowed upon me this Honest Scrap Award...

The Honest Scrap Award requires that I list 10 honest things about myself, and then I have to pass it on to 7 people with blogs that I find brilliant in content and/or design, or those who have
encouraged me. So here goes:

1. I'm pregnant with my first baby. (Duh!)

2. I'm scared to death that Alexa is going to end up completely screwed up and hate me.

3. My husband thinks I eat too much sugar and that our baby is going to be born diabetic. If he only knew how much sugar I really ate...

4. At work, I'm not as happy in my current position as I was at the branch, but I feel 'stuck' here.

5. I want sex a lot more now that I'm pregnant, but am getting it a lot less.

6. I cuss a lot in the car at other drivers. I mean... A LOT.

7. One of my favorite things to do is sit by a campfire on a chilly night and stare at the flames. Especially if its a starry night, I have hot chocolate in my hands, and I'm surrounded by friends and family.

8. I don't know how to program my MP3 player with play lists. I think if i had an iPod it'd be much easier.

9. I'm constantly worried about money. It's probably not healthy.

10.I wish I would read more. I have so many books on my plate that I started and haven't finished.

On to the 7 people. I don't have that many blogs that I follow, so you're pretty much all tagged. :)

1. Angelle @ Crabby Mama

2. Rhiannon @ DaveRhi

3. Laurie @ Welcome to the Madhouse

4. Nikki @ Tales of a Sweet Life

5. Katie @ The Palmaro Diaries

6. Joanie @ Joanie's Random Ramblings

7. Garret @ RV'ing


Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Thanks. I don't do awards though. I'm such a busy, busy person that I simply don't have the time. ;-)

Mandi said...

Yes, you are SOO busy, i can understand. :) I honestly just put your name because I had a hard time getting to 7 ;)

Alix said...

Yay! I'd been checking and just noticed that you posted your Honest Scrap Award. Glad you liked it. But really... a simple thank you would have been fine. You didn't have to name your daughter after me.

Appreciate it though!

PS: I should have warned you about Garret. He passes on awards.

Garret of Jim and Garret said...

Aw but Alix there's so many other things to warn people about me.