Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My Little Sleeper

Alexsa has been a great sleeper. She's slept through the night since she was 7 weeks old (the night I before I went back to work!).  However, I've swaddled her every night.  She's starting to get too big for her swaddler.  She can kick herself out of the leg pouch if i don't do it just right.  So I decided last night to just put her in jammies and see how she does.  She woke up once at 4, but I put her binky back in her mouth and she went right back down.  I picked her up at her first squirm around 7:00 (I have to leave for work at 7:30) and she breast fed.  I'm not a big producer, so it was probably 3 or 4 ounces if we're lucky that she consumed. She was so sleepy the whole time!  Afterward I put her back in her crib, like I always do, but I swaddled her this time.  She was up for about an hour total before she went back to sleep.

Barry called me at NOON and she was STILL SLEEPING!  Barry actually woke her up at 12:45 to eat and she was pissed at him for doing so.  Keep in mind, she just slept for about 10 hours, woke for an hour without a big meal, then slept for another 4 hours!  I'm wondering if she didn't get a good night's sleep because she was free to move her arms and kept feeling like she was falling.  Thoughts?  I just put her down for the night with just jammies again. We'll see what happens tomorrow.


Angelle said...

I would keep doing it if she is not protesting. Weaning from things (paci, swaddler, etc) is always easier earlier than later.

palamaro said...

she could always be going through a growth spurt. amelie has days every now and then where she just sleeps for unusually long periods of time. as long as she's ok, let her sleep!