Monday, October 18, 2010

2010-10-15 Pics of the Day!

Most of the day today was spent with The Gallers! Have I mentioned that I'm so glad they now live in Florida and are only a few hours away? :) First we went to The Lucky Dill Deli for lunch.  It definitely has Triple D potential.

Alexsa is working on her pincer grip at lunch
Afterwards we went to Great Explorations Children's Museum.  Because we have the year passes to MOSH, we got in for free! YAY!  It was awesome!  They had a fenced in baby area and Alexsa was able to crawl around and explore and socialize with other kids. 

They had a music hour. Alexsa mostly liked to chew the tambourine.

Row Row Row your boat!

Leah's insides!

Adam on stage (I love this picture! :))

She's testing out the "bernoulli effect"

Barry being a good sport so i could get a cute shot of Alexsa :)
It was great to spend some time w/ Angelle, but as always it went by too fast.  Luckily we'll be back in a few weeks for Adam's Bday.  :)

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