Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Best Thirty Bucks I Ever Spent

We heard through the grapevine (a.k.a. my friend Dave) that you can buy an HD Antenna to pick up broadcast channels that are sent digitally - for free! I looked them up and they ranged from 30-70 bucks. I thought "That might be a good plan!" So as we are buying the 360 at Sam's, we see an HD Antenna for $29.97. Well, hell! So we pick it up, plug it in and.... doesn't work. Apparently i need a splitter so i can plug in both the antenna and the cable. Poo. In a drawer it goes until i buy a splitter. Well, in my boredness the other day i'm flipping through the channels and i realize that we have a few more channels than we used to. Channel numbers 17.1 and 30.1 for example. Lo and Behold! We're recieving the HD channels! I look, and the antenna is still in the drawer. Hm.

So now i have to return the HD Antenna and get my 30 bucks back AND I get to watch the Jags in HD this fall. Sa-weet.


Mike said...

Captain Grammar is shaking his head in dismay....'boardness'? are you turning into a board? (BORED). :)

and $30 bucks? is that Thirty dollars worth of male deer? I'm confused. or is it 30 dollars and the 'bucks' is silent or is it 30 bucks and the '$' is silent?

in other news, your word verification word almost looks like pimp. sort of dyslexic-like and without an 'i' (or any vowels for that matter) but its sorta close. sorta. i guess.

Mandi said...

Thank you Sir, for that. I was bored, yes, but obviously not bored enough to read my post before publishing it... :P