Friday, May 2, 2008

Shameless Begging

Now that we have a flat screen HD TV, we thought we should get some HD channels to enjoy our TV with... then we learned that it's an extra $65/month or so (with tax) and we said "Fhagetabaudit!"

So here we are enjoying our TV...all pixelated and non-HD. :( Of course Barry has the itch now and NEEEEEDS to see something on this thing that will meet the potential of the 1080p we bought it for... so what does he get? An xBox 360. And of course he needed to get a new game to go with it (Mass Effect). I have to admit, it's sooo cool. :)

But. Now I neeeeed Rock Band and Guitar Hero (yes, i said and). TOTALLY. NEED IT. But of course we just spent an ASS load of money on this living room, and my 'need' is being pushed aside. :(

and i am sad.

So ladies and gents, my birthday is right around the corner - feel free to put your pennies together and start the "Mandi Needs Guitar Hero and/or Rock Band Fund". I swear a good time will be had by all when i get these items in my possession. (I'll even throw the heads up that you can buy them used at Game Stop.) :) This will be me if I get either one:


Rhiannon said...

You know an hd movie would have been much cheaper than an Xbox 360! lol You should have told me, Dave never uses his Xbox!

Mike said...

ha ha, thast funny. if you get rock band i want to try the drum part. :) or you can just come here and play real drums and guitar and be cooler.