Monday, May 11, 2009

Playin' Hookie

Because of my awesomeness at work, paired with TPC in town and most of the 10th floor execs off anyway, I decided to take Friday off. It was the first day in the history of my working career that I took a day off "just because".
Thursday night I purposefully turned off the alarm clock and proceeded to sleep in until after 9:30 on Friday. Ahhh..... that felt good. I had made mental plans to go to Wal-Mart (*shout-out to Garret!) and buy fabric and a pattern to make a business suit. Well, the choices weren't what I was really looking for as far as patterns for suits and fabric, so I opted for a cute sundress and a pair of slacks. (I don't think my talents are up to par yet for a business suit, anyway.)
Now, before you go and think I'm all Martha Stewart, hold it right there because I haven't really made any clothes since Jr. High Home Ec. I asked for a sewing machine for Christmas because I decided that I really enjoyed sewing in Jr High and thought I could pick it right back up again. So far, I'm doing pretty well! I've made 2 snuggies (THAT'S RIGHT!) and decided that it's time to step it up for some real clothes. I got excited when ALL of my clothes making supplies for a dress and a pair of pants totaled under $20. I could get used to that!

I came home to my hubby working on his homework and started rummaging through my goodies. He started making lunch, and then realized that we had the perfect trifecta: it was a weekday before 4:00, we were both off from work/school, and it was Star Trek's opening day. Sold! I put down the bobbin and hung up my Suzy Homemaker hat. After we ate lunch we headed to AMC Theaters and got 2 tickets for the 2:30 showing of Star Trek. $10.00 total, woot! We were full so we didn't have to buy snacks, and because all the rug rats were still in school, we got great seats. It was awesome! As we were leaving, we realized that Wolverine had *just* started and decided to make it a double feature. We liked Wolverine too, but not nearly as much as Star Trek.

When our movie date was over, we came home, quickly grabbed our togas, and headed back out the door for our friends Bozz and Robin's "Greco-Roman Let the Good Times Roll" party. :) We wore our sheets, ate spanakopita, and watched Troy whilst enjoying the company of our friends. There was beer pong going on outside, but we opted to stay in to avoid the skeeters. It was a great idea for a fun party - thanks Bozz and Robin!

As we started to head home, we noticed the full moon. I decided i wasn't ready to go home and wanted to enjoy the moon light. We headed to "our" landfill**, laid out our "togas" and enjoyed a wonderfully quiet moment under the moon and stars.

It was a great start to a mostly** wonderful weekend!

**Explanations forthcoming - one blog at a time!


Angelle said...

I wanna hear more about your sewing adventures. I got a sewing machine for Christmas too and have yet to use it. My mom is supposed to teach me when she visits next week.

Jim and Garret said...

Thanks for the shout out Walmart momma! The day sounds so funny in a way. Toga, Star Trek, Landfills, etc.