Monday, September 27, 2010

2010-9/24-9/26 Pics

I really slacked this weekend w/ the pictures.  On Friday I actually only saw Alexsa in the morning and didn't take any pictures then.  Alexsa spent the night at Aunt Christy's house while Barry and I spend the evening at my friend Nichole's place for an awesome cheese and wine dinner (more on that later). Saturday we slept in until 9:45(!!!!!!) got up and around and picked up alexsa about noon.  After spending some time at my sisters, driving home (about 30 minutes) and getting Alexsa down for her afternoon nap, there wasn't much time to get any pictures Saturday either! But I did get some shots of her playing with her new favorite toy:

"Mom, that's just mean..."
But I think its funny!

Lets blow this popsicle stand. I'm taking the diaper with me.
Its almost impossible to keep her still! (notice she's 1/2 dressed.)
Sunday we were getting ready for a bike ride (yay!) and making sure the house was suitable for our friend Adey and her boys to watch Alexsa. I ended up with a horrible headache so I did all I could to get through the night of her love screams until it was time for bed.

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