Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lucky Bum

This morning I went to get my new favorite breakfast – a Cuban toast w/ Café Con Leche at this great place around the block from my office. It’s a delicious coffee and it doesn’t make me jittery like normal coffee does.  A bum stops me on the way back and asks if I could spare some money for food.  So here I am, holding a bag that’s obviously filled with food, and a cup with my delicious coffee and I’m put to the test.  I always tell myself that if I’m stopped, I’d gladly give a bum any food I had, but I wouldn’t give them any money “to waste away on booze”. (Working downtown, you have to think about these things) 

So I give the bum my coffee. My delicious café con leche that actually tastes like coffee, unlike the brown water that they pour here at the office.  He surprisingly asks, “You don’t want it?”  I hesitate… smile, then say “Well, you can have it.”  So as I walk away, thinking I should feel happy and proud for being selfless, all I can think about is how pissed I am now that I don’t have my dang coffee. 

Not 30 seconds later a second bum asks the same exact question, like they taught at Bum School: “Could you spare some money for food?”.  I just frown and point to the guy behind us… “sorry, just gave him my coffee.” And keep walking.  Shoulda been quicker, dude, or you’d be drinking my café con leche…

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