Thursday, September 9, 2010

7 months!

My Big Girl is 7 months old!

Alexsa, you fascinate me!  Last week you signed "Milk" to  let us know you understand.  Daddy and I are so excited!  Now you use that sign when you are hungry or thirsty, but it is so so so exciting to be able to communicate with you and have 'conversations' that aren't just one sided.

A few days ago I *think* you gave me kisses. I haven't been able to get you to do it again, but its just another example that you are truly starting to understand language. 

Our favorite game we play is "I'm Gonna Getcha!"  As soon as I get on all 4's with you and give you 'the look' you start squealing and laughing and even snorting! as you crawl away from me as fast as you can.  Sometimes you even stop to let me catch you - I can tell that's your favorite part - when I scoop you up in my arms and give you hugs and kisses. (Its my favorite part, too. :))  You could play that game until you passed out.

In the last month (it seems) you have learned to crawl, stand w/ help, and pull to standing.  During your chair photo shoot you were showing signs that you'll be climbing in the next week or 2.  You are getting better at picking things up with your pincer grip, but haven't quite gotten that yet. 

So far you've eaten: banana, rice cereal, oatmeal, carrots, peas, and green beans.  You actually like oatmeal just plain better than w/ bananas.  You now have four meals a day that consist of a 7 ounce bottle of formula plus a few tablespoons of solids.  I haven't bought you any jar food yet. I actually hand grinded all your fresh/frozen veggies... I want to keep that up but I think I'll have to buy some jar food just for when we're on the go - you can only have so much oatmeal...

Tonight we went to my work's annual Sun's Baseball game outing.  You were very cute until just before the game started. Then there was a 21-gun salute, but for some reason the used a CANNON. It was the loudest thing you ever heard and you, along w/ the rest of us, didn't like it too much.  That was the start of a hungry-wet-tired-hot crying spat and our sign to leave the game.  Maybe next year you'll do better. :)

I can't believe its been 7 months.  I love you!

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