Sunday, January 9, 2011

20101-01-09 Pic of the Day/11 Months!

Can you believe she's 11 months old?? I'm just amazed at how fast she's growing up. I really shouldn't be; everyone said it goes by fast.
Just in the last month you've:
  • Really gotten better at your sign language.  Your "All-Done" is very good - you actually rotate your wrists now instead of just flailing your arms.  You also do "more" by banging your fists and do "change" and "milk".
  • You can walk!  On Dec 23rd, at Allison and Dave's Christmas Cookie Party, you walked from me to Ashley, taking at least 2 independent steps!
  • You've become very loving and sometimes clingy to me.  You are a mama's girl. :)
11 months old!

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