Friday, January 7, 2011

I've Got Some Good Excuses, I Swear...

After the Christmas weekend, Alexsa and I caught the crappy bug that had been going around.  The poor thing looked so horrible I just couldn't take her picture, and honestly, I felt so crappy I didn't even want to deal with the posting of them.  Then as soon as we started feeling better, we took the plunge and moved in with my parents.  I just can't believe its been a week already!  Alexsa and I moved in on the 1st, where we brought over her crib and most of her toys and our clothes.  The next day Barry came, and the day after the boys (aka the cats) followed.  We're still getting used to not being in our own space, but I think we're all adjusting well, and its been nice to have my mom help so much.  She even put her down tonight! This was the first time i was home and didn't put Alexsa down for the night. I have to admit it was hard to let it go.  I don't think i'll let that happen too often. :)
Every day we've been remembering things we forgot to pack and either Barry or I would make the trip to bring a few boxes over.(it took 3 days for my deoderant to make the trip! Good thing mom had extra!).  Tomorrow we're going to start packing up the rest of the junk that we really don't need but can't bear to get rid of, as well as the stuff we need to keep, but don't need (like our kitchen stuff).  I put our couches on craigslist and they sold within 2 days, but we still have to make the exchange.  Hopefully most things will fit at Barry's dad's house, who has graciously said we could use his house as storage.  This will save us a big chunk of change in storage costs.
Our goal is to have the house rental-ready by Feb 1, but I think we'll just have it ready for the carpets by then, and hopefully use Feb to get the place a renter by March 1.  I'm crossing my fingers we'll get a GOOD renter!  We're going to use a service so they do a background check, etc.
Other than the sick thing and the moving thing, I really don't have any other excuses. Maybe between now and Feb 9th (Alexsa's 1st Bday!) I'll be better about taking pictures and posting them.  Here's hoping!

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