Thursday, July 10, 2008

Better Late Than Never

July 4th was a nice long weekend for Barry and me. Thursday night I had my nieces, Theresa and Amethyst over for Amethyst's 11th birthday (which was the 1st). We cooked mini-burgers for dinner and Barry made them do most of the cooking. They LOVED flattening out the meat with the rolling pin. I'll post the recipe for them next - they are so delicious and easy! Barry even let them use his knives to cut the onion - I was a little nervous about that; his knives are sharp! I wanted to make a fresh blueberry pie for dessert, but they wanted to go swimming instead - so we did - until about 11:30pm! The plan was to get up, make blueberry pancakes, and go shopping the next morning and have them back at their mother's by 12 or 1, but these girls didn't get up until after 9am. Luckily their mom was running late so we had plenty of time to mosey around the mall. The pancakes got substituted for Cinnibon -MMMMMMMM! They had never had them before so i kept hearing "These are WAY better than the school's!!" I told Amethyst that she can pick out an outfit for her birthday and instead she wants a build-a-bear. These dern things are expensive!!! I said I'd buy the bear and she can buy the clothes. After all, she kept reminding me that she had her own money to spend. SO... 65 bucks later(!!!) she has herself a rollerskating Husky (named Heather) with 3 hearts, a cool bark, and a pink collar and leash. GOOD GRIEF!

Friday after we dropped off the girls I finished my blueberry pie! It turned out SOOO good! It was a beautiful lattice work pie, made from scratch. I was taking pictures, thinking about all yall's recipe blogs the whole time and thinking how proud you'd be of me. Then I realized that I had no memory card in my camera and no cables to transfer the pics. :( But it tasted so good! Once it cooled, we brought it to a friend's house for BBQ Bulgogi and Firecrackers. I, of course, burn my thumb with the lighter. That dern wind would kick up right when I ignited the ligher, right over my thumb. Oh well. Chicks dig scars. Wait. Anyway.

Saturday and Sunday were pretty boring, so I won't bother you with the details. :)

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Angelle said...

I want some blueberry pie! Maybe you can make it while you are here and we can do the photo recipe post then. Yum!