Monday, July 28, 2008

Back to the Daily Grind

Well, I'm back at work after 5 days up in beautiful Monroe, NC (or, MON-row if you're from there). Barry and I had a great visit with the Gallers and the Maddexes. Every time I visit with them it makes me wish we lived closer together. I think of my mom and her best friend from college, Lynn Doolittle, and I hope that in 20 years, that we will still be as close as we are today. Dang, by then we'll be going to Leah and Ian's wedding! YIKES!

We spent our 5 days laughing, catching up, and just talking about anything and everything.

Wednesday we saw Avenue Q in Charlotte. What an awesome city. It's so sad that Jacksonville has absolutely no life after 5:00pm. We ate at an irish pub and then saw the show. We were really high in the back, but it was still hilarious.

If you've never seen it, and even if you don't like Broadway, i highly recommend it. I would recommend floor seats, however, because there are some things that you don't catch when you sit high in the balcony.

On Thursday we ate "Dollar Cones" and I apparently attempted to kill my husband by Oreo Crumb Inhalation. (word to the wise: Don't breath in whilst taking a bite of your wife's ice cream cone, topped with oreo cookie crumbs. duh.)

One of the other things we wanted to do while we were near Charlotte was to check off another "Diners Drive-Ins and Dives" hot spot, Bar-B-Q King. They make their own bbq sauce from scratch every day. LUCKILY someone (i think it was Laurie) remembered another spot that Guy went to called Penguin Drive-In, which was a sit down place that was better for the kids, since the bbq king was curb service only. SOOO we got to knock TWO more places on our DDD tour! SWEDEDEDEU! I'm SOOO glad we went there b

ecause they had the best fried pickles EVER. It was well worth the 20-30 minute wait. The place was so small!
I'm sitting in the corner taking this picture.

Saturday night we played Apples to Apples, with a drinker's twist! That was a lot of fun. Every time it was your turn you had to make up a rule. It got pretty funny, since for whatever reason the rules always seemed to include me and Bryan. What was up with that? Here are a few snapshots from that night that i can publish:

It was a great, relaxing time with old friends. I'm looking forward to next time, that's for sure!


Anonymous said...

I love a good story with illustration... I'm glad you have a good time. - Jilly


Laurie said...

Does Angelle know that you posted her plaid butt for all the world to see???

We had fun, too!!! Thanks for visiting with us!

**Oh, and I'm pretty sure it wasn't me that remembered the Penguin...but I will be happy to take the credit. Yum. Pickles.**

Mandi said...

crap, it was probably Angelle... Sorry, Angelle!