Monday, July 21, 2008

Vanilla's Cupcakery


Friday afternoon, I was on my way to Peterbrooke's to pick up some yummys for my co-workers when i remembered about this new cup cake bakery around the corner. Sooo... I decided to stop in and see what a cupcake-only bakery was all about.

WELL. I have been introduced to a whole new level of cupcake. And I thought Publix had the best. No Sir. Imagine, if you will, a Creme Brulee cupcake. An Oreo Cookie Cupcake, complete with white creme filling. And my personal favorite: Strawberry. A vanilla bean cupcake, with vanilla bean icing folded in with fresh pureed strawberries. TO DIE FOR. It was like the Ace of Cakes of Cupcakes. They had a little baby sleeping on top of a cupcake bed and a wedding dress cupcake.

I took a picture during the demolition on friday. Notice the forks, untouched. You can see one of the creme brulee cupcakes still in tact. (the other one is long gone.) You can also see a mango coconut cupcake that was like taking a shot of whiskey, it was so sweet, and another favorite, the chocolate chili cupcake, which had some sort of hot peppers with it that gave it a nice kick, a tirimusu cupcake, and a "simple" chocolate with vanilla bean icing.
So i sent this picture to my co-worker who wasn't here on friday. About 11:00 she says she's gotta go out for a little while. When she gets back, what does she have in her hand? More cupcakes. today, aside from the Oreo cupcake, was a red velvet and a island carrot cake, both with FRESH creamcheese filling. The remenents are still sitting on my desk, waiting for me to lick the paper plate clean.

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Angelle said...

Seriously... bring some with you. I am not even kidding.