Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So, I've been MIA because of the unexpected trip to Oklahoma City. Here's a rundown of what's been happening lately:
  • The funeral of Uncle Howie was pretty hard, but other than that it was actually a great trip. Its sad what brings families together, but we had a great visit with them.
  • I didn't get to the gym on Thursday or Friday, and i ate crappy because we ate out the whole time, and my body was not on it's normal schedule - if you know what i mean - so i gained a few pounds over the weekend.
  • We got back about 2:00 on Sunday, got some food and watched a portion of the Jags whooping Detroit's ass at my sister's, then got home to quickly change for a bike ride before it got dark.
  • We biked 12 miles on Sunday on the Jacksonville-Baldwin Rail Trail. It's a 14 mile paved pathway that used to be an old Railroad track. It's really nice to bike w/o worrying about cars, but it's really flat so we'll have to find something more hilly to kick it up a notch for our NC Tri in March.
  • Yesterday we ran and swam. It was only 14 minutes each, but for some reason i felt like i struggled through it. Oh YEA - It's because i didn't work out all weekend... go figure!
  • Today is Veteran's Day. So - THANK YOU to all my veterans who protect me and keep me free everyday.
  • Because it's Veteran's Day, we got the day off. Barry and I did some errands during the day and went over to my mom's for our usual Tuesday dinner, but when we got there we got a surprise THANKSGIVING! YUM!! We're all going to be scattered for Thanksgiving, so mom surprised us all with a family thanksgiving today, complete with the pilgrim salt n' pepper shakers and everything. so i get left overs tomorrow for lunch, MMM!!! Now it'll be forever before i loose those poopy pounds from the weekend.
  • Here's a random thing to do for fun: Weigh yourself before and after you go to the bathroom. It's better if you have a scale w/ a tenth of a pound option. It's fun to see how much you loose, literally. :) heehee.

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Angelle said...

Sorry about the funeral and Uncle Howie. Although I'm sure it was nice to catch up with some family.

I am proud of you for jumping right back in too. Last week was my -25% week and before I started it, I was like this is going to be SO easy. But for some reason every day was a struggle to get through the minutes and I wanted to sleep all the time. So apparently my body needed that off week to get back to it. This week is going really well so far.