Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Not The Kind of Crown a Queen Expects

I had to go to the dentist last week because a tooth that had a recent filling (Oct. 2nd) was hurting when i bit down. Well, the filling got 'debonded'. Aparently only 1 out of 100 teeth do this - don't i feel lucky? Instead of just a quick fix or a promise that it will go away, they slap me w/ the news that i need a crown. CRAP. I've never had that before. So that's what i got to do on my training-day off today. Go to the dentist and get drilled for an hour. Yuck. Its a good think that I get nitrous oxide and a TV on the ceiling. I love Sanford and Son (Ba-Ba-Bwah-nuh!), especially w/ the laughing gas!

Right now i've got a temporary cap in. They took a digital imprint and photos of my tooth nub and emailed the impression to Israel, where they will create my tooth and mail it back within 2 weeks. Weird, eh? Israel. So for 2 weeks i get to wear this temporary thing that feels like a denture. it's all smooth and stuff. I hope the permanent one feels more like my real teeth...

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Angelle said...

Damn. :) I have a crown and it is a different texture than my other teeth. But you get used to it.