Sunday, November 23, 2008

Night of a Thousand Lessons

Maybe not a thousand, but it feels like it. We had to bike just 29 minutes today. Easy, right? Well, we waited for my friend Jen to come with us, and by that time it was dark. No biggie - that's why we bought lights.

Let the lessons begin:

  • If you have the opportunity to bike during the day, take it.

  • Before biking at night, make sure your front light is fully charged.

  • Follow the "Rules of the Road"; they are there for a reason. (i.e. Don't bike on the sidewalk just because you're afraid of the road.)

  • If you are prone to accidents, you will always fall on your bike right in front of the 2 scary black guys selling firewood.

  • Scary Black Guys selling firewood will ask if you are OK, then rightfully laugh as you fumble getting back up. Scary Black Guys are not usually as scary as they seem.

  • If you see a pot hole in the side walk (that you shouldn't bike on), you will forget to unclip and fall.

  • Know your route before taking it. Know where the bike lanes are. Know the well lit roads just in case your front light goes out.

  • If you are on an unfamiliar, dark road, your average speed will rise by 2-3 mile per hour.

  • Sunday evenings, after dark, are not the best time to pop your Share-the-Road-Cherry.

  • Cycling on the road after dark is scarier than falling out of a perfectly good airplane and your main shoot not deploying.

  • Wear contacts or get laser surgery before biking on a road shared with cars. Turning your head behind you to check for clearance is moot when its all a big blur.

  • Talking yourself through a situation will help get you through it.

  • As soon as one bruise heals, 3 more will surface.



Laurie said...

Oh, geez, Mandi! That's craziness! The things you do for fitness :)

Glad you made it back with only a few bruises.

Angelle said...

I'm sorry but that was pretty funny. A few bruises is a small price to pay to the fitness gods. :) Miss ya!

Mandi said...

A few small bruises? Not so bad. Bruises the size of your hand? Owie.

Erin and Rick said...

It's not funny that you got hurt... But your account of the tale is funny!!!
You are inspiring me. I'm thinking about doing a tri after the dr's clear me to do so after my surgery. Wanna train me?? LOL