Friday, March 26, 2010

All the Single Ladies!

The Beyonce song has been in my head all morning. 

Anytime I think about how hard it is to take care of a newborn, I almost immediately think about the single parents out there.  I have SO MUCH respect for them, especially with more than one child. UGH.

Barry got called to a teaching job this morning so I have Alexsa by myself today.  Just chilling at the house isn't a big deal, but we have to go out today, which means I needed to shower and make myself presentable.  The thought of taking a shower w/ the risk of leaving Alexsa wailing scared the poo out of me and even thought about forgoing the shower. But I knew the day would have to come sooner or later, so after our morning feeding i laid her in her basinette and took a shower.  She was SO good!  I love how independent she is (and it scares me at the same time!)  She just lay there all content, and I even had an extra minute or so to just relax in the shower before turning off the water.  This is how happy she was when I came out of the bathroom:
Then I was able to get dressed and blowdry my hair before she was ready for some attention. 
She's so great!


Angelle said...

I remember being terrified when I would shower when Leah was a baby. As soon as I could, I bought a travel swing and put it in the bathroom so she could be with me when I was getting ready. I did not like to shower while she slept because I was afraid she would wake up and I wouldn't hear her.

Erin and Rick said...

Ohh Mandi she is so sweet!!! I just love her smile. I love how she already has so much personality. Would love to see you again soon!

Rhiannon said...

She is so cute! I use to put Ty in his baby papasan in the bathroom with me. We even had to buy a new shower curtain, one that was see through so I could see him!