Thursday, March 25, 2010

Six Week Checkup and other Ramblings

I had my 6 week post partum checkup yesterday.  Everything is pretty much back to normal! :)  I still have a few stitches left to disolve, but I am free to be a normal person again. :)  Sex? Yes please.

However, at the checkup, he noticed a mole on my back that makes him nervous, so i have to go back in a month to get it removed.  What sucks is that its going to leave a nasty scar. :(  BUT better to get it removed now before it turns into cancer later.

I also got the go ahead to go back to work, so I start back up on Monday.  Its a week earlier than what we planned, but I figure we can save my PTO for if she's sick or if we want to take a long weekend trip, to say, Monroe, NC. :)  I'm looking forward to going back but I already miss her.  I miss her when she takes a long nap so I know once I'm at my desk i'll want nothing more than to be back at home.

Its amazing how independent she seems to be already.  Many times when she's fussy and we can't figure out why, if we just put her down on the couch or her activity mat, she calms right down.  She actually seems to prefer to be left alone!  How crazy is that?

On Saturday, Barry and I are leaving Alexsa with my Mom to go to a wedding.  Its the first time (other than a quick trip to Walmart when she was a few days old) that she'll be away from both Barry and me.  I'm excited about it!

Did I mention that I had my biopsy on my eye? Last friday they took a chunk of the black thing out of my eyelid - we should get the results back in 2 more weeks.  Hopefully its nothing!

Barry is just amazing with Alexsa.  He has much more patience than I expected and he is actually really sensitive.  Last night he got home from school and I had put her down already.  He was dissapointed because he wanted to hold her.  This from the guy that never even wants to be in the same room as an infant.  I was afraid that the baby would put alot of strain on our relationship (which, i'm sure we'll have our moments) but it seems so far that Alexsa has brought us so much closer together.  :)

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Angelle said...

I am impressed that you want to have sex. Many women don't after childbirth, but I did too. :)

Sucks about the mole, hopefully it goes smoothly.

We would LOVE to have you guys for a long weekend. Any time, just say the word...

If you have someone like your mom to watch your child, it is easy to leave her. But here in NC, we are afraid of leaving Adam with a babysitter. So we just don't ever go out...

So happy to hear that your relationship is doing so well. I bet you are over the moon with his reaction to Alexsa. You always knew he had it in him, didn't you? :)