Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Schedule? What Schedule?

Ok, please tell me how to get Alexsa on a schedule. 
Night before last she was up until 3:00, then up almost every hour to feed. It sucked.

Last night she, again, would NOT go down so at 12:30 Barry just let her cry it out.  15 minutes later of uncontrolable wailing I couldn't take it anymore so I picked her up.  She was so worn out she fell almost immediately asleep, so swaddled her up and she slept for 5 hours or so.

Today she was awake ALL day except for a few moments when she's trying to eat and falls asleep on the boob, only to wake up 10 minutes later screaming hungry.  She did not want to be put down AT ALL.  Its 6:43 and she finally went down.  Now she's going to be awake in a few hours ready to be up all night, i just know it. 

AHHH!!!  Any suggestions would be fantastic.


palamaro said...

mandi, i'm no expert, but since this is all fresh in my mind, i will share what seemed to work (most of the time) for us!

1) the more you try to control when the baby sleeps, the less she will sleep when you want her to! while she is this young, unfortunately, she will sleep when she wants to sleep and there is nothing we can do to change that.

2) give her a bath right before bed with lavendar shampoo (i like aveeno). that always seemed to tire amelie out a little bit.

3) pacifier!! hopefully alexsa takes one, sorry if she doesn't!!

4) i realized that when amelie wasn't getting enough to eat, she would scream and never fall asleep… hopefully you don't have that problem.

just know that this is probably a stage and it probably won't last long. good luck! :)

Mandi said...

i think that #4 was her problem today. I finally broke and gave her some formula and shortly after she went to sleep, but last night she was fed, changed, sung to, mylycon-ed, everything... she was just cranky...

Angelle said...

I feel your pain. It is SO important to make sure she says awake for her feeds and takes a full feeding each time. Otherwise, they end up "snacking" and needing to eat way more often then they actually need to. I'll be honest though, it didn't turn around for Adam until close to 3 months. And the swing was a sleep-maker for Erin, but not Adam, have you tried that yet? I TOTALLY remember having EXACTLY your day with Erin as a baby though. It was AWFUL and I ended up crying that night. I promise it gets better! Also, check this site out:

GREAT site for helping with scheduling and LOTS of other topics. I have LOVED reading it and refer to it all the time.