Monday, March 29, 2010

Back to Work

I had my first day back to work today.  Alexsa and I got to bed by 11:00 last night.  She woke up for her night feeding at 5:30 (6 1/2 hrs!!) She only ate for about 15 minutes then went right back down, so i was able to sleep for another 40 minutes or so before getting up at 6:45 for work.  I got ready for work then pumped right before I left (3 oz!).  I only shed a few tears when saying goodbye and then a little on the way to work, and once I got there I was pretty good.

I 'traded' with Barry at his school and it was only then that I really missed her.  She was so close to me (in the car seat), yet I couldn't pick her up to hold her! 

I think she missed me too, because my independent baby has been very content cuddly with me all night :)

So, 1 day down, 4,679 to go...

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Angelle said...

Sounds like this went smoothly. She was so nice to let you sleep for your first day back. :) You will only snuggle her harder now.