Friday, April 2, 2010

When Will the Bubble Burst?! Never, I Hope!

Alexsa has been really great about going down to sleep at night for the past few days.  Someone gave me the advice to lay her down and just say "Goodnight", and that was it.  Who would've thought it would work so well?!

I'm trying to create a night routine.  Its not solid, but I think its familiar enough that she's taking to it.  We start winding down around 9:00.  Right now since she just lays there anyway, its more of Barry and I winding down than Alexsa.  We lower the lights, turn the TV down or off, and speak in softer voices. Then, by 10 we feed, change, and go to bed.  I give her her binky if she wants it and usually only have to put it back in her mouth 2 or 3 times before she doesn't need it anymore and both Mommy and Baby are asleep within 15-30 minutes. (Her basinette is still next to the bed.)

Last night she had a bottle around 8, so at 10 she still wasn't acting hungry.  I gave her my boobs anyway, and she ate for just a few minutes each.  I wondered if i was tapped out, so i tried to give her some formula, of which she was not interested at all. So we changed her diaper and laid her down.  The whole time I'm giving myself the prep talk that I'll be up in a few hours and be tired all day tomorrow for having to wake up 2-3 times.  Well, she went down really well and we were asleep shortly after 10.  My bladder woke me up, (which was a first since having Alexsa, BTW) rolled to look at the clock and freaked out when it said 5:35! WHAT!?  Did my 7 week old baby really just sleep for over 7 hours!?  Its 5:40 now and she's still not making a peep.  I leaned over to make sure she was still breathing a few times.  Now i'm awake just waiting for her to make a sound.  When she finally started to ink about 5:45 it was the best sound in the world.  I finally got up to pee and get ready for her and we had our first feeding of the day at 6:00!  WOW. 

When I had a really smooth pregnancy, Barry and I thought we'd have a difficult birth.  When our birth went really well, we thought for sure we'd have a difficult baby.  Now that she's so easy-peasy, I'm certain she's going to be a hellian as a toddler.  I mean, we've got to fall through this cloud we're living on sometime, right??


Angelle said...

For some kids, the bubble will never burst (Leah). You just never know. :)

Rhiannon said...

Maybe she will give you a run for your money when she is a teenager...

Glad she is such a good baby!